Discover The Best Challenges Whatsapp, Whatsapp And Chains Games For 2020

 best games for WhatsApp WhatsApp challenges WhatsApp chains 2020

Technology has made communication may be performed immediately. These advances allow many people approach no matter few kilometers away from each other are , where possible international calls.

Thanks to the internet, mobile devices and social networks, communication has provided a truly incredible way, allowing connect with anyone in any corner of the world.

Discover the Best WhatsApp Challenges, Games for WhatsApp and Cadenas 2020

WhatsApp, a favorite of many

Undeniably WhatsApp has emerged as the media preferred by many people . The application launched in February 2009, already has 11 years of service, and more than 100 million downloads.

He started as an application dedicated to messaging, evolving and becoming one of the main means of instant communication, allowing the exchange of content multimedia and experiences among users.

Communication and unlimited entertainment

The most important updates and new features in this application, as well as some privacy features, is the message broadcast (introduced in December 2012) and the inclusion of the states and add location sharing . (February 2017)

 communication and entertainment without limits

These tools were seen mainly as a way to share with your contacts directly and immediately , any situation or information that are to the point.

Chains and challenges of WhatsApp

From Riddles, games mentally, to general culture , people have enhanced chains and states to give your contacts the opportunity to take a couple of minutes of your day and exercise your brain and wit .

 Chains and challenges of WhatsApp

If you want to provide entertainment and fun to your contacts, this article will give you the chance to see a number of ideas for you to become the favorite contact your family and friends.

Election and action

One of the challenges that you can share with your contacts, has to do with lists emoji. Where you can use animals, objects, symbols .

At first, the list will contain only emoji, you will apply for your contact to pick one and once you do, you do know the challenge that contains your choice. Here is the list of challenges you can use:

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  1. You must give me a hug.
  2. You need to dedicate a state.
  3. Send me a screaming audio I want.
  4. None.
  5. We had dinner together (you pay).
  6. Let us be friends with benefits.
  7. Post a picture together.
  8. You owe me (enter an amount of money).
  9. Tell me: What am I to you
  10. ?

  11. Let’s movies (you pay).
  12. Send me a sexy picture.
  13. You must give me a T-shirt.
  14. Remember that the first list will contain only the emoji . Once the contact chosen, the complete list of emoji and challenges going on. Invite your contacts to spread the challenge to at least 10 people.

    Genius ages

    Another challenge rather interesting has to do with guess the age of your contacts . How you will proceed is really striking: with your shoe size


    So as you read! Surely your friends will think it’s a joke, but no. The challenge to guess the age of another person based on his shoe size is done as follows:

    1. Multiply the number of your contact shoes for 5.
    2. A result of this multiplication, you will add 50.
    3. Multiply the result by 20.
    4. Now you will add 1020.
    5. To this amount, subtract the year of birth of your contact.
    6. The last two digits of the end result should match the age of your contact.
    7. Find the error

      There are challenges that seem very simple, but it really gets tough. The error detection is one of them. With this challenge, you will fly over the head of one of your friends, ideal for sharing in groups and in your states . Read carefully below:

      Let’s see if you can find the list siguiemte error, only for highly intelligent people:

      One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

      You can place the list horizontally or vertically. If you noticed the error, congratulations. If not, the answer is in error grammar of the next word, before the list of numbers.

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      Now that you know the latest challenges and trends WhatsApp, just discover the latest and greatest secret tricks of WhatsApp .

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