How To Make A Search For All Conversations Whatsapp

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Today’s technology gives us a lot of activities. Not only is it much easier to entertain thanks to the Internet devices mobile , but it is also very easy to contact other people.

In the past often had to write letters to people in faraway places, having to use locators and always use a fixed phone to talk to other people who are close to us. This greatly changed with the arrival of the cell phones.

When shown mobile cellular market, we started to have the opportunity to call anyone when like us, as well as send text messages at any time we meet. It’s something that completely changed the way we communicate.

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And the progress that has been made in the last decade and a half have changed everything. Now, thanks to the emergence of smart devices have much of the functions of a computer in the palm of our hand.

Finally This has led to devise new ways can communicate power. no longer just simply text messages and calls, it is important to have the option to make video calls and send messages instant with all sorts of customizations and options.

And, in order to respond to this need, there have been on the market all kinds of instant messaging services. These services are applications through which you can interact with people in different ways.

And among the services most popular instant messaging is Whatsapp . This is an application through which you can make video calls, calls; In addition to sending messages using entertained stickers, all kinds of content Media and many more tricks that every day we learn to get the most out of this social network ..

It really is a very comprehensive application for what you need and can perfectly meets the expectations of the market. However, it is important to note that you have different specific functions.

In fact, some of the best Features you have available for use it is the ability to search the talks. Do you have any particular message type you would like to search or phrase in specific? No problem, you can search Whatsapp. Look below how.

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Browsing your conversations

It is always very useful to searching conversations between your Whatsapp . It is common that you can have lots and lots of open conversations, and you had many dialog in each. So if you find yourself in the scenario you need to find a phrase , a particular message or even a word, you can follow the next step:

  • First, need to open the application WhatsApp on your mobile phone .
  • Now that you open the application, you’ll need to reach you at the top of the screen . Here you can see a magnifying glass icon. You need to select it.
  • Then it will open a search bar. In this, you have to write the word, phrase, name, or whatever you want to search.
  • Once you make the last step, you will see how you appear on the screen every time you sent a message with a word or phrase in all conversations. Therefore, you only need to press the conversation is interested in where that message and give select it.
  • Now, Whatsapp will take you to the point where you sent that message in the conversation and read from there.

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Why should you do this?

Many times, it happens that we want to remember something in particular. It is normal that people have dozens of conversations every day, and when we want to remember a conversation in particular or make sure someone told us something in particular, this option is always useful.

In addition, when data are trying to sensitive information , you can always find this option and not have to forget them or set them aside anymore. It really is a good way to rescue all kinds of information that is left in a conversation .

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