To Download And Save Audios Whatsapp On Iphone

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Everything in this world must evolve, it is impossible if you want to last in time to stay static or offer new options to your users. This is the case of WhatsApp, which has changed the way, They communicate as friends, since I ideo audio messages to make our lives easier. We can even hear the audio WhatsApp without entering the.

But you’d like to download and keep whenever you want from your phone Android or iPhone. for this reason you want to show this tutorial to teach you how to download and save the audios of WhatsApp on iPhone.

to download and save audios to iPhone WhatsApp

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Is that how simple it is send an audio message WhatsApp instead of a written message is very clear. But the only negative of this practice is that we should be alone or slightly away from people, so you’re not hear our message. And this is an advantage that even have written messages, the privacy .

The method we enrage you, will be very handy for you as you may be looking between different messages to find the one you want to hear. Although some also choose to hear the audio without dialing seen. but if want to know how to how to download and save the audios of WhatsApp on iPhone we invite you to keep reading and you find out you have to do


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How to download and save the audios of WhatsApp on iPhone

The following tutorial will show you tools that will allow a simple way Download and save the audios of WhatsApp on iPhone. And especially to know where on your cell voice files are saved and can access them whenever you want. Because sometimes it is very difficult to know this location.

Something that would be very different if we did make a Android device since this default sends this file to the media player. In our case, we learn to know where our file is located. To begin we will lead the implementation of WhatsApp and look for that message that we want to download and save.

Once you have located, we will press on the icon that is on the left side of the audio and four options appear immediately. Here we will choose Forward , to the press this audio will be highlighted with a tilde blue. Once a’ve done so, you’ll head to the bottom right.

Here you’ll locate an icon, like Share and you’re going to press, then you will appear several options and a vertically arranged on top. These the can slide from right to left and you’ll find Notes . Going to press on that option and then take you to another screen.

Saving audio messages on your iPhone

Now on this screen should look for the Save and you will be saved note with your voice message. Now you’re wondering and how you want this note, to do this, you’re going to lead the implementation of Notes on your iPhone . Once there you can see that first appears with the name of audio and also indicates the date that you saved.

You select this note and see the file, now you just have to press on the icon play so you can listen to the voice message. If you press on the file without playing, several options will appear and one of them is sharing. A pressing here you can share this audio file with others from other platforms.

If you’ve come to realize is very easy to do this in your iPhone , and best of all you know where on your device saved your voice file. This was one of the headaches many users. Failing to know where you kept those files on your computer, something that does not happen in other smartphones were going.

whatsapp chat options

And so we have given the necessary knowledge that will help you learn more running your iPhone device. And you could easily find how to download and save the audios of WhatsApp on iPhone.

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