Hiding From The Android Gallery Photos And Videos That Are Received By Whatsapp

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Users who use Android phones, should know that all video or images arriving by WhatsApp end up in your gallery. And maybe this is something you do not want and have invested time sought ways to help without being able to get it. Today we want to teach them a simple way to learn how to hide from the Android gallery photos and videos that are received by WhatsApp.

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How to Hide Android Gallery photos and videos that received by WhatsApp

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It was previously possible Hide Gallery Android photos and videos that are received by WhatsApp, but it was necessary to use an application. These are managers of files and download them to your mobile computer owed. But now no longer going to use this manager because we’re going to teach an easier way to do it.

These applications were very popular but if you do not know very well the href=»https://www.whatsapp.com/»> platform could prove to be somewhat complicated to use. But you will see that the method we bring will help you. gallery hide the photos and videos received via WhatsApp, without any problems and easier

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How to hide the Android gallery photos and videos that are received by WhatsApp

In the next tutorial we’ll teach how to hide from the Android gallery photos and videos that are received by WhatsApp. In a very simple way of doing and doing a few steps, it is important to know that what we use is a new beta feature that has been added. all users of WhatsApp and you can do from your Android

And for this we have to make changes to the settings of the application WhatsApp, to do this we are going to run the application. Then we go directly to the settings of the platform WhatsApp. In performing this option, we will show several options including accounts, chats, notifications, invite friends, data storage, etc.

But in our case, we will select the option Chats, to make it appear the new options and you’ll run to the end. Here you will find an option called Show Media in Gallery . Eta option getting checked and uncheck need so that they can hide from the Android gallery photos and videos that are received by WhatsApp.

Since this operation made whole album containing your videos and photos of WhatsApp no longer find it in your gallery. It is also very likely to take some time to apply since the update is not performed immediately. But if you want to regain your album visible all photos and videos, you must do the same procedure.

How to hide the Android gallery photos and videos

When you perform this operation simply check the box Show Media again in the gallery . If this option is not you then you should choose to use a file manager. I can recommend file is Explorer because it is well known and used by users.

When you have downloaded it you’ll be directed to Internal Storage, this is where WhatsApp saves all the photos that are received and sent. Here you will see multiple folders but you will choose which is called WhatsApp . In doing this, you will see that no photos or even videos, then go to the top of your screen and click the icon of the three points.

Doing this will seem several options and choose + New and so angers creating sub folders , now comes the most important part of the whole process. You are about to choose a folder and you choose the File menu and option here going to write the name. The name you’re writing is .nomedia and we show starts with a dot and then the word nomedia.

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And you end press Ok, now only remains you wait for this instruction is completed and can hide this folder from your gallery. And so we’ve taught a very easy trick so you can Android gallery hide photos and videos that are received by WhatsApp.

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