How I Can Make Video Calls From Whatsapp Web On Pc

WhatsApp Web is a way to use WhatsApp on your desktop computer . However, there are some differences between the Smartphone app and website for computers. In today’s tutorial we will see how I can make video calls from WhatsApp Web on the PC.

How can I make video calls from WhatsApp web on the PC

WhatsApp Web is the official website of WhatsApp to which you can enter from your browser, which connects to your phone so that everything that happens in the app on your device, happen web version.

By this we mean that, for example, if you send a media file, be it audio, video, image, document, etc. is discharged in both places, as long as both count with an internet connection.

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If your device does not have access to WhatsApp, either because you do not have an internet connection or because you have not run out of battery, you will not see what happens from the web.

To enter WhatsApp you web scan a QR code. To do this, go to the app from your mobile device and from the three dot menu top right select «WhatsApp Web». A camera so you can scan the code you have on the web will open.

whatsapp qr pc 1

While there is no official way to make video calls or calls from the web, with these simple tricks’ll be able to do so.

How can I make video calls from WhatsApp web MMORPGs

WhatsApp it was originally designed exclusively for Smartphone. However, since your website can perform some functions from your PC. To begin you must first prepare your computer by installing some packages in our operating system to use BlueStacks without problems.

The first will download the Android SDK to emulate your computer as if it were an Android device . Once you have downloaded it, you must install it following the instructions of the wizard. The following will download Java JDK and install on our PC.

Now that you have these two packages installed on your computer you should make a last download to emulate your PC: BlueStacks. Open the file on your computer and installs following the wizard.

All we have to keep in mind when trying to install, is not select «App Notifications» or «Subscribe to Spotlight. One free app daily«. With this avoid having annoying ads that interrupt us.

Then find and install WhatsApp on your computer from Google store and sign in with your phone number. When you do, will disable the app on your mobile.

How can I make video calls from WhatsApp on PC with web AndyRoid

To enjoy all features of WhatsApp from your computer can use the application of AndyRoid. This application is a little easier to use, and Android is a simulator for your PC.

To begin, you must download and install it on your computer. The following will start with your Google account and set it in the same way you do when you start a new device with an operating system Android.

make video whatsapp pc

Finally, find and install WhatsApp and log in with your phone number. An important fact to note is that the Enter your phone number will disable the app on your mobile device.

This is because are using WhatsApp application as if it were on your Android to your computer . To turn the app on your mobile, re-enter your number and sign. Do not worry, you can do the times you need without any problems.

Now let’s what concerns us, How to make video calls WhatsApp from my PC? It works the same way on your mobile device.

Find a contact to which you want to call, go to the chat and press on the video camera you have at the top of the screen, along with the name of the contact.

Note that you must have turned on the camera and microphone on your computer and a good internet connection to make a video call successfully.

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