How To Know If They Are Spying On My Account Whatsapp Messenger From Another Device?

 how to know if my account are spying on WhatsApp messenger from another device

Privacy is a requirement that every human being needs. The idea that someone is using some method to spy your WhatsApp account is cause for concern. This application has a platform Message Encoding , including multimedia content, so that the safety of the user to see not affected.

How to know if they are Spying My Account WhatsApp Messenger from another device?

However, through time has used one of its Extensions to monitor the content of foreign accounts : WhatsApp web . Although this browser version is very popular and used by the community, many people have used to access the content of the accounts of other phones, so also receive the encoded information to your computer.

Therefore, we will explain how you can discover if someone is investigating the contents of your account, and how to remove your access.

How this extension is used to spy your WhatsApp account?

The Web tool called WhatsApp was designed and launched by the company for provide greater comfort to those who are constantly at a computer . Its function is to receive the interaction messaging and real-time multimedia content, as long as the phone and the computer are synchronized through an Internet connection .

 extension to spy your WhatsApp account

Based on this principle, anyone who is trying to spy your WhatsApp account must have direct contact with your phone . So, you only need to unlock the device and scan the QR code provided by WhatsApp Web. That way you will get access to your conversations from your browser.

Is it possible to find out if anyone tries to spy your WhatsApp account through the web?

Because this situation has been witnessed by more than one user community, the application platform has been busy taking protective measures. Among these is the encryption encryption , where both contacts confirm coding, in order to protect the courier is sent within the chat conversation.

Also, knowing the magnitude of gap represents WhatsApp Web to protect the content, the application has taken steps to keep you informed.

Notifications on using extension

Considered one of the major, is a telephone notification informing the owner of the account on the use of the Web extension . This is received and maintained during the login in the browser, so its content, date, time and place where you made appears.

However, one of its shortcomings is that there are circumstances where the message takes about an hour to reach the mobile of the person.

Consultation sessions WhatsApp Web has opened your device

The procedure can be done through the installed application on the phone, where to start should click on “Options” tab of “Chats” . You will see how a menu drops, which in its list of options is “WhatsApp Web”, which should select.

 Consultation sessions WhatsApp web

Here you will find all sessions that have been open with your account , accompanied by the date, time and place where the browser was used.

How close each of the sessions started?

Once you’ve identified where they have tried to spy your WhatsApp account, you just have to close the session to prevent the invasion of your privacy keep going. Although it is a single procedure, certain options vary depending on the operating system you are using to enjoy the application.

If your phone works with Android, only again enters the section “WhatsApp Web” , and under the device list find the option to Cerrar all sessions .

On the other hand, through iPhone The same procedure is performed, only the option of Web extension is within the wheel “Settings”. At the end of the device list, you will read the “Out of all the teams’ , whose selection will confirm by clicking” Exit “and presto!

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