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join a group of WhatsApp Messenger , it can be difficult to refer to a specific person. However, WhatsApp has available a feature that allows you mention someone in the group to get their attention. In this post you will learn step by step, How to mention someone in WhatsApp so you can see it?

What does mention someone in WhatsApp?

This tool has been very successful in social networks; why, WhatsApp has decided to deploy its platform to make the user experience more rewarding.

When it comes to mention someone in WhatsApp we refer to name a specific person or even mention several members of the group in a commentary; so that they give priority to messages that mentioned them.

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For example, can customize notifications for each contact and mentioning a person or several in a commentary, these will receive a notification. This will indicate that they have been mentioned in a comment of a certain group; so that these people will read those messages without going through something.

This feature is very handy if you do not connect often WhatsApp or group that participates many people are included. However, you must understand that is very different mention someone in a comment and quote a message.

difference between mention and quote in WhatsApp

LHe WhatsApp only work in chat groups ; So when you mention someone that message if they see all of the group is addressed directly to that person, which receives a notification to your mobile . And good. The notification could be, so that the person is connected to multiple make a video call or group or to ask a question.

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Instead, WhatsApp are dating when you select the comment of a person, this will show format will be cited and below a text field for you to write. Appointments can be used in private chats or group , the person to whom you are quoting never receive a notification.

How mention someone in WhatsApp so you can see it?

Keep in mind that this function is only allowed in group chats, in a private conversation can not mention to someone else.

  1. Open your application WhatsApp.
  2. When you’re inside the app singles chat group where you want to mention someone.
  3. Write the message, at the time you are going to make mention of the person you add an @ before the name .
  4. Immediately a list of people appear above the text field choose the person you want to mention .
  5. Then will appear the @ followed by the name of the person (@Maria Fernández), the name is highlighted in blue color.
  6. Send the message in the usual way.
  7. When you have successfully sent the message that person will receive a notification even if you have muted the group; But if that person has disabled chat notifications that you will never receive notification of a mention.
  8. Points to take into consideration

    • There are no specific rules regarding the position that should be the reference in the text; You can mention a person or several anywhere in the text. For example, you can say hello @Maria Fernández come to college.
    • Before placing the name of the person to whom you want to mention always include the @ symbol , without this symbol function mention of WhatsApp not work.
    • In a text can mention several members of the group ; but each person must include him mentions the @ symbol.
    • If you mentioned a person by mistake can erase the text, if still not been sent the message.
    • In the chat group mentions will be highlighted in blue.

    Selecting whatsapp

    • Only you mention members of this group , that is, if you want to mention a person who is not part of that group you will not do it, you can only mention people who are included in the group.
    • If you click on the reference, that is, on behalf of the people who are in blue immediately your WhatsApp profile will appear.

    WhatsApp is the instant messaging application most used worldwide and is providing its users a unique and rewarding experience that allows communication to be connected without limits. In addition it offers its users the ability to send documents href=»»> , providing even work, business or school.

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