Whatsapp Chats How To Move Between Devices Iphone And Android

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The messaging is stored in our communication applications are very important if it comes to work; memories or some other use is assigned, arousing interest in pass WhatsApp chats between devices .

Back to download or store the history of the is a very simple procedure , it is an option that appears within WhatsApp . Another way to keep your story is creating a backup on Google Drive.

Not only you can spend your conversations from one device to another. You also have the option to convert your WhatsApp of the Androis style to the iPhone style.

As if desired recovery messages between two mobile platforms become so different would it really makes the process is meticulous.

This should not be cause for concern, as there is the possibility of using third party applications to achieve transfer history successfully.

What is the method to copy the chat history of WhatsApp?

Create a copy of the messaging then you can download is quite easy to perform process because you only need to enter the “ Settings ” application.

In the section “ Chats ” you will find the option “ Chat history “, where you will see that the first option is “ Export chat “.

This way you will achieve extract the contents of each chat that you select to back, which is stored in a text format (.txt) on your device.

The tricky aspect of this is reduced to Android handles save this copy on Google Drive, while iPhone devices perform the backup in iCloud.

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That is why transfer content between platforms complicates the issue. However, Here are the easiest and quickest ways to do this .

List of applications that allow passing WhatsApp chats between devices

Change mobile phone without losing the content has never been an easy task, but in this case There are a number of programs that offer support to achieve this purpose .

On a day to day the last thing a person needs is a tool that difficult things, why here are the easiest ways and direct to achieve transfer conversations and files WhatsApp between iPhone and Android.

dr.fone-WhatsApp Backup

Characterized as a tool to complete the migration of WhatsApp backing of a reliable and fast, maintaining the quality of the content.

Begin by downloading the program from its official website for free and installing it on your computer, so you can view your main functions.

Backing that will create the backup WhatsApp between the two phones, will begin when you click on “ Restore App Social ” in the main screen of the program.

In the next menu, click on the option that says “ Restore WhatsApp messages to Android device “; before connecting both devices in your computer using the USB cable.

When you have dr.fone the detected automatically, press the option “ Transfer ” the message file you’ve restored and only have to wait to complete the process.

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In the end, you’ll see a window that confirm the culmination of the process successfully on both phones.

Wazzap Migrator

This is another useful tool for WhatsApp chats passing between devices whose only requirement is to have the backed up file for transfer.

That is why before starting, you need to back up your phone iPhone through iTunes and your choice of “ Backup “.

Once it is completed, go to iBackup Viewe r; a program that has the official website of the software that you download and install on your computer.

When it is open; press the icon “ Raw File ” and switches to mode “ Tree View ” to find in the menu on the left the named file “ WhatsApp “for export.

Then connect your phone to your computer to copy the file named “ WhatsApp.shared ” and “ Media ” folder in “ Download “of the storage Android.

Now you just need to download via Google Play Store this same application to launch and select the file that you copied from the computer.

During the review should move through the options until you reach the “ Message Conversion ” to store messages in the folder WhatsApp you prefer.

If you like WhatsApp remember that you can make use easy and convenient. It gives you the opportunity to organize your Stickers or send Word documents PDF.

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