Citing Whatsapp Messages And Respond Quickly And Easily

 quote and reply to messages in WhatsApp

We’ve always wanted to move through the group chats dynamically and easily. So use these means to communicate with family, friends and even do business; It has proved very satisfactory. And this is precisely what one of the most important applications of the planet messaging, It has taken into account; so that users can quote and reply to messages on WhatsApp.

This is because it often happens that we are in conversation and there are so many messages we receive that we forget to answer any of them. But this feature of WhatsApp more quickly and easily, lets be the day. Meet us how to use this method through this post.

How Quote and Reply messages in WhatsApp to quickly and easily

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How we responded WhatsApp messages cited in previous versions ?

With the sound that we assign to our device we received the WhatsApp messages , who this notice invited us to get into a conversation. We are having our device and the action began. In fact, even can read and reply messages on your WhatsApp Apple Watch ; however, we may even be overlooked.

Well, at the mention of messages and reply, we used let down the message for a short time and on the top tab above we gave click on the arrow pointing to the left and it appeared that option.

application WhatsApp

As some people are accustomed to using this method, WhatsApp has decided to leave it included in its new version, to make you feel happy and comfortable to users. But, just as no longer meet the requirements of those who want more speed when conversations in chat rooms.

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How to quote and reply to messages in WhatsApp with the new version ?

From version 2.18.282, available in Google Play, users will see the simple gesture WhatsApp is needed to quote and respond to messages. We just have to, with our fingers, tap and drag to the right the text in question. And so quickly and easily aforementioned and appears ready to answer the message you want.

The arrival of this further simplifies flicking action, because it allows save a button and a few seconds. We soon get used to this being an easy function to perform. We see that WhatsApp is always thinking about how to please their users and we are happy to have this new option .

 person reviewing your messages in WhatsApp

What other developments will have on WhatsApp promptly ?

The power slide your finger to quote and respond makes us move chatting with speed and easily. Also, thinking about the future, this messaging allow users to have the function of self-destruct some messages, so as not to generate ourself file loaded conversations. It is to note that only can be done in groups and alone by administrators.

But while this news arrives, WhatsApp provides a function that deliver us a message sent by mistake, uncoordinated or any embarrassing situation. This new feature is the ability to delete messages sent WhatsApp error before being seen by others.

Another new feature is that you can easily activate design in dark mode WhatsApp . Many users have been waiting anxiously for the implementation of this system in view of other social networks and applications already have yours. This “dark mode” will be for ensure better eyecare and increase the duration of the battery charge.

This is how one of the giants in communications, WhatsApp; always they manage to bring users new updates. Therefore, do not miss the best tricks and secret tips that WhatsApp offers you . Therefore, let us quote and answer messages through version 2.18.282 so faster and easier . Will adapt easily and enjoy better conversations.

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To be sure, in the future this application messaging will continue to adapt to the needs of its users and bring new features to better experiences, in a comfortable and pleasant environment. We would appreciate your comments you left how useful was this post for you.

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