How To View And Delete Archived Chats In Whatsapp On Iphone

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And speaking applications that do not seem to want to leave the lives of people, we find WhatsApp, that since I arrived, it is doing more essential every day for everyone. And this is very easy to assume because WhatsApp chats are easy to use and share with your contacts.

Because of this, we aim to deliver them this article will let you know how to view and delete archived chats in WhatsApp on iPhone.

How to view and delete archived chats in WhatsApp on iPhone

It should not surprise us that WhatsApp the like Instagram are becoming favorite many users worldwide. But sometimes some use in mobile devices such as iPhone, do not result from the simple everything. And even when we try to look at our teams in place which keep the message Chad.

In this sense they want to bring all the community of users using iPhone , an easy way to access these files and delete them, for free space . Then we’ll take the hand you do not miss any training and can learn how to view and delete archived chats in WhatsApp on iPhone.

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How to view and delete archived chats in WhatsApp iPhone

As you must know or if you do not know what You will explain, so you can from the application of WhatsApp file a chat. All you have to do is press and hold down the message, then you’ll appear several options and choose Highlight. In this way open filed this message in a chat.

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Now you can delete it you’ll direct contact or group who saved the message and then you go to the top and you must press the Information option. After you have done this going to select the Message highlights. Press there and you saved message, now you press this message appears for a few moments.

When you do this operation will appear several options as forwarding, copying, etc. and you must choose Delete. And in this way open deleted a message from a chat that was saved from your computer iPhone.

Deleting archived in iPhone chat

Now we’ll explain how to save or file a WhatsApp chat from iPhone so that later you learn how to delete it. The first thing to do is position yourself on the chat and slide to the left. A performing this action the Archive option will appear and you select it by pressing on it.

And so you will have saved chat , now you must remove it for that you’re going to lead the chat tab and you select the option Chats archived. In doing this you appear all those who have saved. Now you must choose the one you want to delete and then slides to the left until the options will appear.

These options and Retrieve appears, you will select More and press to doing this several options will be displayed. These are silence, contact info, export chat, empty chat, etc. Chat’ll select Delete. To do’ll click on this option and so you’ve removed the chat you had saved before.

As you can see you learned how to save and delete a message on your iPhone any chat . And also you could learn how to save or archive a chat on mobile you and how to delete it and do not take more than a minute to do so. Truth to make trades on your mobile from different applications are very easy you just have to know how to proceed.

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And we are here to bring you any news to appear and clear the doubts you have about any situation. As this tutorial helped you enough for you to learn how to view and delete archived chats in WhatsApp on iPhone.

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