How To Catch A Conversation Whatsapp On Your Cell

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Many times we are talking on WhatsApp , is very useful to use the screen capture tool, but for some cases it may be cumbersome if the talks are very long and do not know how capture. Understanding this will show you how to catch a conversation WhatsApp on your phone.

How to Catch a conversation WhatsApp on your Cell

WhatsApp is an extraordinary application through it can easily communicate with people anywhere in the world and send different types of files. Similarly screenshots are a very useful tool to communicate, learn to integrate them in the best way.

Capture the screen is very useful regardless of the platform you use, so if you are interested to know more respect also might be interested in this tutorial how to make a screenshot in Windows PC and Mac . Without further ado learn here how to capture the entire screen in WhatsApp.

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Why you should make a full screenshot?

Surely you wonder What I want to know how to capture an entire conversation if I have the option to default screenshot of my phone? The truth is that this question is logical, anyway screenshot has certain shortcomings.

Undoubtedly the most important and annoying conventional capture saves only point is that what is on display at any given time. Capture full screen , can be very useful in case you want to show conversation or the full extent of a website.

Fortunately there are several ways to fully capture our screen , today we’ll show you one of the easiest. Carefully read the tutorial that you have prepared.

How to catch a conversation WhatsApp on your cell

Indeed the process of walking capturing the screen repeatedly to display an extensive conversation can become quite annoying. Fortunately for us, there is a simple and effective solution, which arrive via the Long Screenshot program.

Long Screenshot

Long Screenshot is an application designed precisely to make large screen capture, which goes far beyond the present method in the cell by default. This tool is especially useful if you want to show conversations or messages on platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

Today we learn to use it and will eliminate annoying practice of walking is often capturing the screen to share a long conversation.

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To use Long Screenshot follow these instructions

  1. The first step is undoubtedly download the application, go to this store to the Google Play Store and in your browser type Long Screenshot . You easily recognize the application because the icon is blue with a white box inside.
  2. Proceed to download the application, the process is almost immediate because it does not weigh much. Now run it.
  3. The first time you open the application, you must follow a series of steps. The first thing to do is clicking the + in the lower right area.
  4. appears warning that Long Screenshot begin to capture what is displayed, press Start Now . A warning is also displayed in English, do not worry and press OK if another message also appears pressed in the same option.
  5. Now it’s time to go to WhatsApp, find the chat you want to capture. Once you are in conversation, notice that a symbol appears in the form of Play button in the lower right corner.
  6. To start recording the screen, go to the beginning of the conversation or the point where you want to capture and click on the Play button.
  7. What you should do now is to gently slide down until you reach the end of the conversation. When culmines press the Stop button.
  8. Once you have followed this process, the Long Screenshot app will direct you to the image created, now you just share it.
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