Why I Can Not Make Video Calls Whatsapp? It Does Not Work

 because I can not make video calls whatsapp

If you’re here, it’s because you’re wondering Why can not make video calls WhatsApp? does not work calls WhatsApp. Many people go through this problem. But it has a fairly simple solution and especially fast.

Why can not I make video calls by WhatsApp -does not Work

It is normal that sometimes do not work calls and video calls . This is not a technical problem of the device much less by a malfunction of the app. It’s much simpler than you can imagine and let’s talk about this a little more detail below.

For thus can make individual video calls or group and voice calls through WhatsApp without any kind of problem


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Video call WhatsApp does not work

Video calls allow us to contact with our loved ones through the application allowing to transmit video and audio in real time. In order to do this both devices must have Android 4.1 and later . If the operating system your mobile device is not compatible. You can not make video calls.

At the same time it is important that you consider that if you do not have an internet connection either Wi-Fi or mobile data, is impossible for you to make video calls. Even if your connection Internet is not stable or is failing you may be unable to carry out the call.

Obviously Video call quality will depend solely and exclusively on the href=”https://tdftips.com/acelerar-internet-maximo-trucos/”> whether you’re with mobile data or Wi-Fi.

So, you consider these details must because there are many occasions where people try to make voice calls or video calls and have activated data much less Wi-Fi. WhatsApp is critical to understand that totally depends on the Internet to function. So you have to be connected in one way or another.

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How do video calling WhatsApp in a few steps

To make a video call WhatsApp is too simple . Just you are going to have to open the conversation you have with the person you want to call and then look for the icon shaped camera located at the top of the screen. Now simply waiting to respond.

If you want to call someone. In order to answer simply you have to wait for the device starts ringing. To answer the call going to have to slide the camera icon up. In case you want to reject just do it down.

You can even swipe the message icon to reject the call with a message if you’re busy and can not attend.

If you want to make a group video call simply have to go to the chat group. Pressing the icon on the phone with the “ + ” and then select the contacts that form part of the call. The add and press on the camera icon to start the call.

Because I can not make a video call by WhatsApp

As I discussed a little above the problem of Why can not make video calls WhatsApp? The big problem because it does not work is only because I’re not connected to the Internet.

As for the version of Android, today is extremely rare for someone to have a device with an unsupported version. However, this can happen and that is why we suggest that since “ Settings ” or “ Settings ” at the bottom of the menu (under all) sign in information your phone to check which version of Android you .

These are the only two reasons why could not make a video call or voice call WhatsApp .

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