How To Activate The Panic Button For Whatsapp Android Easily?

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The function of the panic button is very useful in case you feel that your mobile and information are threatened. For this reason, we have prepared a guide indicating where you talk about How to activate the panic button for Android WhatsApp easily?

What you are on the panic button?

When talking about the panic button is specifically refers to a function that we will stay away from malicious programs and applications that could damage our device. This is a feature that many users were waiting for this day Android today is prey to viruses and hackers.

Why the function of the panic button is required?

As noted above, viruses and other problems related to the hacking are very present in mobile devices. In fact, hackers today come Seek exhaustively mobile, which also includes Android devices.

Using the panic button can make relevant changes to remove the danger associated with a virus or pirated. Also, you should know that the best antivirus for Android. can therefore protect the information stored in your device.

Note that this feature is not specific to an application, so we can not say that belongs directly to WhatsApp or Android app . In fact, the panic button in the operating system that is one of the integrated features in recent versions of the software.

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How to activate the panic button for Android WhatsApp easily?

As indicated above – the function of the panic button is not specific or exclusive WhatsApp. In fact, is present in the operating system natively on the latest versions of the program.

Of course, the procedure to activate the so-called panic button in Android is very simple. It simply “press more than four times the back button very quickly,” . By doing this, the panic feature that was included in Android devices with the latest versions is activated.

When activating the panic button in Android?

The function of the panic button will be very helpful to get out of danger involved an app or malware. For this reason, if you notice that the device hangs on to use an application or represents an attitude suspicious by software installed, you must use the panic button. If you want to avoid this problem in the future, it is essential that you learn how to avoid install malicious applications Play Store.

What to do after activating the panic button in Android?

Once the function of the panic button in Android is activated, the system can isolate the application and be redirected to the main menu, also known as “Home”. You will access to the advanced space configuration options through which you can also access the applications section.

As regards the application section is possible to Uninstall This suspicious software, by permanently deleting break free of the risk that could lead to their use.

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The panic button and WhatsApp

Although previously said that the WhatsApp application does not have direct connection with the panic button, the truth is that it is one of the main sources through which a program can be sent or malicious content. Although it is more common in the case of having an application Version “pirate” WhatsApp .

However, if the WhatsApp application or behaving strangely hangs, it is convenient to use the panic button and finally uninstall this application, you can be a victim of software counterfeiting. Otherwise, we recommend WhatsApp upgrade to the latest version every time needed. This way, you avoid errors in the application and you will enjoy the new features it offers.

To understand the above, it is installed highly recommended that you always have applications directly from the official store Google (Play Store), because it is the only space through which you can obtain reliable and proven applications directly by the company.

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