How To Archive And Unarchive Or Delete Whatsapp Chats On Iphone?

 archive and unarchive or delete Whatsapp chats on iPhone

It is imperative to know how to delete or archive chats in WhatsApp iPhone , in this way, you can maintain order and save space.

It is very common that the more you talk to people, the more conversations you have harbored in online chat application. A do a search for all WhatsApp conversations , you can attest to that.

Archiving and Retrieve or Delete WhatsApp chats on iPhone

In the archive, unarchive or delete just WhatsApp chats with multimedia files application maintains good performance. In addition, they can always save chat conversations with a backup in case WhatsApp case.

It may happen that do not usually delete them, or simply do not know. There are still others who prefer to keep the chat because there is valuable information in it. But the more you accumulate the higher the list and, therefore, a problem when looking for a chat of interest .

On an iPhone, delete or file it may seem complicated, but it may not be as cumbersome as you think about reality.

Archive WhatsApp chats on iPhone

You can archive a chat you want not delete because it has important information, or because he belongs to a person that is frequently spoken.

Whatever the reason, the method for filing one or more WhatsApp chats iPhone is relatively silly. Still, some people may be unfamiliar with the process because they are new using the Apple operating system.

But successfully able to file , you should only enter the list where all chats are. Hence the area where the conversation you want to save, the slip finger, some options are displayed is located.

 archived chat

You should only choose the option that says “ Archive “. In this way, it will disappear from the list referred to and will be stored in a separate section. It should be borne in mind that this procedure applies equally to groups WhatsApp and not just personal chats.

You can also archive all chats entering “ Settings “, then “ Chats ” and then click “ Archive all chats “. This, if what you want is a thorough cleaning of the conversations list without having to remove any of the items in it.

To unarchive chat?

Now, it is logical that if it was filed first will be a time when you have to unarchive one or more chats WhatsApp on iPhone. And to recover, you need to find the section where chats are held and retrieve the user wishes to have it again.

To do this, we must re-enter the list, place your finger on the screen and slide slightly downward. It appears below the search a message that says “ Archived Chats “, followed by a number in parentheses indicates the number there.

A pressed with the finger, we take you to another screen with the talks that have been saved there. Then, above the chat slide your finger left .

 messages iphone

consistently, a message in which the system will give us the option to disable the previously stored chat is displayed. A touching the option immediately disappear from the section conversations archived and return to chat list application.

Delete WhatsApp chats on iPhone

If what you want is remove once and for all one or more conversations , the procedure is similar to having to file them. To do this one by one, the chat you want to delete is located, it slides to the left and the option to archive or delete is displayed. We select the second that’s what you do want.

You can also use the “ Edit ” button located on the top left. With it you get mark as many conversations as you like.

Once done, the same thing happens when sliding, we asked to decide whether to delete the selected or file, and, of course, choose “ Delete chats “.

On the other hand, if you want to delete all chats at once, the action is directed to the section “ Settings “, followed by “ Chats ” and finally “ Delete all chats “.

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