What Is, What It Does And How To Request A Report From My Whatsapp Account?

WhatsApp is a messaging application available in the app stores for mobile devices. Once you download to your phone WhatsApp to send and receive messages, media files and documents.

Currently, the href = «https://web.whatsapp.com/»> tools and features that allows users point to your store account and get a fairly quick and easy. Then you explain what is, what it does and how to request a report from your WhatsApp account.

What is WhatsApp report?

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A report is an information document and WhatsApp platform offers its users the possibility of a request. The report will like WhatsApp content profile photo and group information , but it is important to know that all messages and files that are sent and received will not be available in your report.

What is a report of WhatsApp?

A WhatsApp report will Export and share information in your existing account.   This information will be on your profile picture and groups to which they belong.

How to request a report from my WhatsApp account?

If you use WhatsApp often can offer some possibilities request a report from your account and in this article we will show you how. To request a report will do the following:

  1. Open
  2. WhatsApp on your mobile.

  3. Once you find in WhatsApp go to the «Settings.»
  4. In the button «Settings» you will find an option called » account» and must select «Information request for my account ‘.
  5. In the «Information request my account » you have to press «Request Report.»
  6. After pressing the » command Report» appears on the screen of your message will say device. Request sent

How to know if the report is now available WhatsApp?

When WhatsApp platform available automatically receive a notification report with the following message: The report is available from your account . This message came directly to your mobile.

 movable with the application of WhatsApp

sure you ask if you can cancel the request for a report and the answer is no. Once you submit the report request, you can not cancel it if waiting.

What time the loan money?

If you are wondering how long the platform to generate reports WhatsApp you said that these will be available in 3 days after application. If during the three-day delete your account, change your phone number or the application will be canceled.

How to download and export a WhatsApp?

Once you have available to you a report of your account will download or export WhatsApp and this article will explain how to:

  1. On the screen «Request report to my account» displays the time you need to download the report. To download the report should do the following:
  2. You will need to enter the menu option «Request a report to my account. «There will be the » Download Report «.
    A ZIP file is automatically downloaded to your device, this will include the files and HyperText JSON. These can be exported to other applications.
  3. When all files are downloaded to your phone can press the «Export Report» .

How to cancel or delete a report?

sure you ask if you can cancel the request report and the answer is no. Once you submit the report request, you can not cancel it if waiting.

WhatsApp report request

Although WhatsApp will not allow you to cancel if the request ABLE Delete Report . After downloading the report on your phone, you have the option to permanently delete the copy that is stored on your device.   Do not worry to delete the report, the information will not delete your account


How to display file contents?

To view the file contents you will need to email them because these files can be displayed in the WhatsApp application. It is important to consider the report of the content is personal and you must be very careful.

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