What It Is, How It Works And What Is A Wifi Hotspot? What Types Are There? -Complete Guide

 different types connected devices operate Wifi

Welcome! If you’ve ever heard the term ‘WiFi hotspot’ but do not be very clear what it is, then you’ve come to the right post. Later we will explain all you need to know about a WiFi Hotspot Read on!

What, How it works and what is a WiFi Hotspot? What Types Are There? -Complete Guide

What is a WiFi Hotspot?

In short, we can define a WiFi hotspot as a point of Internet access that is available so that users can connect to it wirelessly.

Initially these hotspots became famous in places where usually many people conglomerates, such as libraries, cafes, universities, airports, hotels and food places.

In this way, any user with a mobile device, a laptop or tablet can connect to these access points for Internet surfing completely free of charge.

Note that there are certain differences between Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Mobile Hotspot , so are not the same.

How does a Wi-Fi hotspot work?

This device is connected to an Internet network and generates a field radio wifi at the least 15 meters. This means that all devices are within this distance can access the Internet with only connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot wirelessly.

This means we will not have to configure or connect a lot of cables to establish an Internet connection. There are now WiFi devices that have a broader scope because they have a larger number of antennas, so you will not need to stay close to these devices to access the Internet wirelessly .

You can even buy one staff and take it with you wherever you want so that this form can connect to the Internet from almost anywhere. And they can be create a wireless access point from PC to share internet.

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WiFi HotSpot types available today

Then in again this paragraph you talk in great detail about the types of access points that currently exist. In some cases will explain how to configure so you can use them without problems.

Free Hotspot

This type of device usually is not Free , since you will have access to stay in a hotel or at a restaurant having lunch. It is therefore a service, because access will be provided that consume guaranteed a specific service.

Even, sometimes we have to enter our mail, phone number or the details of our credit card to access the connection offered by this device.

Portable Hotspot

Currently there are devices that can be purchased at any electronics store artifacts whose function is serve as an antenna router wifi we can always have our side not to run out internet wherever you go.

Once you buy it, you simply subscribe to an internet service to this hotspot have a data plan. This form can be connected to this device at all times of wirelessly either through our mobile, tablet or laptop.

Mobile device as a Wi-Fi hotspot

We will also have the opportunity to convert our phone into a WiFi Hotspot to allow other devices to connect and have internet access. Later we will explain how this process works.

 Hand hold paper figure symbol signal wifi

To use your smartphone as a point of access should simply follow these steps:

  • First of all you must go to the menu and select “Settings” option
  • Then you have to press the “ Wireless ” option
  • Once there you will see a list of options, including some that say you must select ‘ hotspots “or” wifi portable hotspot “
  • If it is the first time that you enable this feature, then you must do some initial settings so you can turn your mobile device into a WiFi antenna.
  • Basically you’ll need to add a name to your phone Android to differentiate it from other devices. We recommend you put a name you can easily remember.
  • You also have to add a new password, since the other devices wishing to connect will have to enter it correctly.
  • is advisable to create a secure and easy to remember but that has numbers, letters and some special characters, this way we will ensure that no one can guess this password to access our mobile without permission.

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