How To Change The Username And Password Of The Administrator Of The Wifi Router? -Fast And Easy

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In a world wrapped by technology , is almost vital to be the happy user of a Wi-Fi, because every day there are more devices we use in our daily lives and they need be connected to an Internet connection.

But even this wonderful tool turns out to be a blessing when help us stay connected and communicated, it also requires us to use all measures to set up and improve security connecting a wireless router . That’s why it will be very useful to learn how to change the default user name and password of the WiFi router.

How to Change the User and Password of the Manager WiFi Router? -Easy and Fast

How to change the username and password of the administrator of the WiFi router?

As you may already know, passwords factory routers are generally a combination of numbers very generic and easy to guess. Therefore, many users decide change the password for the wireless router from any one that is greater security.

If this is your case and want to change the default password factory or your router , a new network user, then the steps to achieve this are:

  • Go to your usual web search engine and enter the IP address of your modem Wi-Fi, which is in the back of the same.
  • Select the option that says “ Enter “.
  • Once inside, enter the password and your username factory, usually usually ‘admin’ for username and password, but to be sure check the manual or box of your router in this way to enter the configurations of the same.
  • In doing this, enter the website of your modem, where should select the option “WiFi” or “ Wireless Network Setup “.
  • Select the option “Security Key WPA” or “WPA”, where you can change the password for your Wi-Fi modem.
  • To confirm the changes you just made to the router password, click “Save”.

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How to be an expert to set up my router’s Wi-Fi?

It is very likely that after learning and applying these tips , feel that you are an expert, and that is precisely the goal. So you can do this we recommend you follow learning all you can about your WiFi router, and especially the overall theme

How much security and privacy I get with my Wi-Fi router?

It would be good to note that, to the being a wireless technology, our information can travel through and through radio waves, incredible as it may seem, our walls and get to the streets.

If as users of Wi-Fi do not take the recommended safety measures and keep it open, any malicious person Not only could access the Internet using our signal, but could also access all our personal information and make use of all our accounts. So the best you can do is try to protect your Wi-Fi and eliminate intruders should have them.

So what can we do to help and improve the safety of our equipment our Internet connection? There are several recommended steps we can take , such as:

  • Change password that comes default on your Wi-Fi router (step you have already learned, thanks to this article.)
  • Use the most advanced encryption system and secure (WPA2).
  • Modify the SSID.
  • If you’re going to be out, Disconnect your WiFi equipment.
  • Define exactly the maximum number of devices that can connect to your Wi-Fi equipment.

And last suggestion, we encourage you to continue learning how to set up your Wi-Fi router as an expert , and you learn by example how to create a QR code to share your Wi-Fi signal.

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It was a pleasure to share with you this article. We hope that all the information can be useful and even can use it to help family and friends.

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