How To Create A Qr Code To Share Your Wifi Signal Easily

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So you can save time and save you the cumbersome process of sharing your password, we will explain How to Create a QR code to share your WiFi signal easily.

It is appropriate to remind you to keep your secure WiFi network with different types of keys and encrypted assets and password maximum security at all time. On the other hand it is important that you which account passwords are not to be used in a WiFi network.

How to Create a QR code to share your WiFi signal easily

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This is to protect and secure your wireless network from intruders who want to access it without your permission, may cause problems for the vulnerability of the system.

Although there are some tricks to create a password that is easy to remember and secure we’d have the task of memorizing it or save it in a password manager.

The QR code creation to share your WIFI signal no longer have to deal with the desperate feeling of having to dictate your long and complicated password.

A to generate your code, anyone who wants to connect only have to scan it to get the password and you can do as you please, observe how.

Generate QR Code QR Code Generator

 QR Code Window

QR code generator You can create codes for almost everything, can hide from contact card and a URL to your WiFi network and password.

You can download from your device QR code generator you want, however, we recommend using QR Code Generator for being widely used and have a reputation for being safe.

A’ve downloaded the code generator, enters the App, choose «Contents» from the dropdown menu and select the «WiFi network» option.

If you’ve downloaded QR Code Generator is you will be prompted to enter the network name, security type and key, followed this press «generate».

Then, you will see in the box on the right side of the QR code, you can press « Download » to save it as an image or use the URL to send to another site.

Thus You’ll get your QR code ready to be used by anyone wanting to capture it to connect to your WiFi network automatically.

Generate QR code with JS Wifi QR Code Generator

Phone in hand with Wifi QR Code JS

In the same way, we also have known another App called Pure JS Wifi QR Code Generator to create the QR of our password.

If you use the latter alternative, we have to fill several fields, such as the type of network encryption, password, and if we have a hidden network.

Then press and enter « Generate » is install it and see the QR code, select «Export» and it’s saved as PNG image.

Then there are 2 options can press «Save» to save the settings in the browser or select «Print» to print on your printer.

To capture the QR code and connect to your network, in the case of Android devices, must have downloaded any QR App capture as Barcode Scanner.

Both App, both generating code, such as the capture can be easily and find the advantage that they are free and safe. If you fail to download any app to generate your code because you do not have space for it on your device can also do it from the web without problems.

It should be noted that for users iOS the task is simpler because the camera detects these devices automatically information QR code.

In this case, just position yourself in front of the QR code and activates the camera on your iOS device, you will not take any further action to scan the code.

If you want you can print the QR code and place it in a visible place in your home, office or anywhere within the coverage area of ​​your network. This is especially useful in public places such as cafes or restaurants with free Wifi service to expedite the process of joining the network.

This little trick can make our life easier and save time, which is, after all, the most valuable resource we have. In addition, we can create and configure a wireless network or WiFi and be confident that our network will not run any risk will be safe and protected.

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