Differences Between Plc And Wifi Adapter: What Is Best For Increasing Internet Signal?

man using his mobile network attached wifi

If a speed lover you put a choosing between a Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz , choose What do you think? It may be a difficult choice because these two brands have engines that are capable of reaching speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour, safe analyzed thoroughly before deciding, in the same way when it comes to surfing the internet we all like to sail at high speed and there are two devices that can achieve the PLC and wireless adapter What are the differences ?, What is the best ?, clear your doubts on this information we have prepared for you.

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Differences Between PLC and WiFi adapter: What is the Best to Increase Internet signal

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The PLC: Fast navigation circulating wires

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The English term Power Line Communications (PLC) refers to a technological tool that has gained great boom today. This uses the lines leading electricity to travel by them to engage communication signals. Ie the digital tracks used as high-speed data transmission to give us access to broadband Internet.

wireless WiFi adapter

So very convenient way we can install a PLC network to Wifi connection at home, you have your established power grid, internet browsing because this serves as a platform for circulating the data. To achieve this, the PLC having a receiver (pick signal router) and a transmitter that decode the data arriving at a frequency of 2 MHz and 4.

can connect another device used extender PLC anywhere domestic mains. This will enable us internet access in that place, either through an Ethernet cable or by wireless means. Even we have the ability to connect multiple extenders distributed in specific places home.

The wireless adapter: Accessibility wireless internet media

These devices enable us pick up signals from wireless networks and distributed to remote areas from the main reception point that is our router which must be placed in the best possible place . In this way we can expand existing coverage of the Internet in our home or premises without the need of using cables.

To give the proper use of these devices have to assess where to locate the best it is an intermediate zone between the router and the place where we want to reach the internet signal. By doing this, the devices receive the signal emitted from the wireless adapter and can connect to the network without problems .

hand mobile network connected to WiFi

differences more marked between the PLC and the wireless adapter

You can then establish a first difference between what the PLC and wireless adapter. And is that while the former makes use of electrical wiring to transport the data, the second transmission based thereof wirelessly using antennas relay.

As for the internet signal, both have features that allow travel at a good speed . However, there are factors that can affect the decrease in these speeds. An enemy to the PLC is power fluctuation or any fault in the wiring. On the other hand; for wireless adapters, the signal collision with walls and ceilings of the house, you do lose signal strength and therefore, so it may be necessary amplify the signal by repeater.

Depending on the needs of each user, both can be very useful; but before you make a decision which one to use must analyze well their local circumstances. You could even use both devices together to better cover the technical problems that arise, assess the advantages and disadvantages of wifi and the PLC.

Without a doubt, Internet travel at high speeds is an experience that produces satisfaction. Whether we use PLC or a WiFi adapter channel can go faster if we choose which to use. We hope this post has helped you see the difference between them and to know how they affect your internet signal. Grateful you left us your valuable comment box.

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