How To Configure A Wifi Repeater To Connect To The Internet Better Signal? -Step By Step

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repeaters WiFi are devices that are used to extend the signal of the modem WiFi inside a home or office and the solution to the problems of signal over long distances since a < a href = ""> WiFi router or modem can not reach long distances and thus causes connection problems when using this wireless network are common.

You can find on the market a variety of WiFi repeaters being most common TPLINK , but how do you know which is the best WiFi repeater to solve our problem, since it depends on the speed of our connection and be compatible with WPS which is important for proper configuration and easily.

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Advantages of a WiFi repeater

  • Ease of installation and configuration.
  • Increased strength in the WiFi signal .
  • It allows us to change the distribution of our WiFi network.
  • Economic Option, safe and functional.
  • Reduce the impact of possible obstructions in your connection.
  • In the wide range of options market, we can find many models of the TP-Link that work and have the features that would be looking for and that is why it has become one of WiFi repeaters best-selling market. However if you can not access one can make a repeater wifi signal amplifier or home.

How to set up a WiFi repeater to connect to the best internet signal?

Current models of modem or router WiFi feature a WPS button and explain why how to use and configure a router as a repeater that contains the button, even if you count a modem or WiFi router that does not contain the button also have a solution.

Configure WiFi repeater if your modem or router has WPS button

  1. First we connect the repeater into an outlet that is close to the router.
  2. We must wait for the light of the WiFi repeater starts flashing.
  3. There must press the WPS button located on the modem or router WiFi your operator Internet for several seconds and then we press the button repeater WiFi for at the least 10 seconds (if our router or modem has several buttons must be patient and seek to indicate WPS)
  4. We wait for 2 to 3 minutes or until the WiFi repeater is completed to link with the router or modem WiFi and once you start the light of the same can switch to plug serve you more flashing, once configured repeater.
  5. wifi wireless device

    Configure WiFi repeater if your modem or router does not have WPS button

    1. We Connect WiFi repeater to a plug.
    2. We will select our wireless network repeater (it is normal that it is an open network, but if we see a password must search instructions).
    3. We must first try to access any web page with your browser to achieve so the configuration of our WiFi repeater opens.
    4. We need to follow the steps and is very important to always hand the have password that has our WiFi router or modem because we ask the finish setting.
    5. A The entry gives you the option to setup a new WiFi network and you should indicate that you must repeat the name and password you currently have in the router or modem access and this can so set your WiFi repeater correctly.
    6. This time you learned how to setup a WiFi repeater to connect to the best internet signal easily and quickly with two options that allow you to access you to the correct settings of your repeater WiFi .

      Remember that if you want more step by step configuration technology devices must stay in and access them to solve your problems or concerns about these devices.

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