Adding To The Start Menu Access To The Windows 10 Registry Easily

 Windows 10 startup Menu

Windows 10 has a “Start” menu fully functional. It includes two sections for easy access to files and applications. However, the registry editor is always latent in Windows. If you ask Add to access the boot menu in the Windows Registry 10 easily? , read this interesting article.

How to access the Start menu in the Windows Registry 10 easily?

Start Menu is considered essential element in Windows and allows more actions compact important for users. Its structure has been maintained over the years, but never included access to tools such as the editor register.

Then explain everything you need to know about the Windows Start menu and adding access to the Registry Editor easily. In fact, you can also choose to modify and modify records in the system that when necessary.

 Windows 10

What is the Windows Start menu?


Start is a component of the User Interface that has the Windows operating system. This element contains shortcuts to various functions and directories as well as applications installed on your computer.

What is the Windows Start menu?

The Windows Start menu used to access programs that were installed on the computer and the system configuration, the browser files and essential functions such as “Shut Down”, “Restart”, ” abort ” and” Hibernate “. In this regard, it is important to know each process or at least the difference between suspension and hibernation in Windows .

How the work of the Windows Start menu?

The work of the Windows Start menu pressure click the icon that identifies the operating system (the window). you will always find this object down to the left of the interface just next to the Taskbar .

When you access the Start menu observed two parts: on the left are application icons and configurations; while the tables are located on the right side containing Windows applications and shortcuts that you have chosen the user previously. Even can enable or disable Windows Quick Start according to your preferences.

Customize Start Menu in Windows 10

Windows has a very useful option to Customize Start Menu to our liking. Although version 10 does not have a short road to enter the Registry Editor, you can follow a simple procedure to quickly access this window without the traditional way.

Add to access the boot menu in the Windows Registry 10

There are two ways to add access to the Start menu in the Windows registry 10.   The first door on the way to enter the editor of the File Explorer and the second option is based on using the taskbar.

 computer Windows 10

Locate the path to the Windows registry editor 10

To find the path to the Windows 10 editor has to go to the Start menu and click “File Explorer”. a new window where you must select “This computer” appears. Then in the “Search Quick access” writes “regedit.exe” and press the “Enter” key to display the executable of the Registry Editor.

Inside the panel will show the file icon of a fragmented cube . Right-click it and choose “Pin to Start Menu”. The

Go to the Windows registry editor from the taskbar

This alternative is very quick and easy. Simply go to the magnifying glass icon or “Windows Search” found in the bar of tasks and type regedit. Press “Enter” to display the executable file editor . Press right click on it and select “Open file location”.

Immediately, open the “Windows” directory as the publisher’s houses register. Press right click on the icon of the fragmented cube next to the name regedit and select “Pin to Start Menu”. Sometimes it is convenient make a backup of the Windows registry   if a system failure and recovery need arises.

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