How Easily Activate God Mode In Windows 10 – Step By Step

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Did you know that you can have Windows 10 under your control? It may seem strange, but there is something very interesting that is available in this operating system and open the doors to a world of options.. If you want to know more about it, stay and I finished reading the entire issue   How easily activate God Mode in Windows 10 – step by step

If you have not very clear what God we recommend instruction   and that way you can understand very well what the god mode before using.

What is the way of God in Windows 10

You can tell Windows God Mode is a mechanism that has broad access to customizations and configurations that operating system. It is so to speak, a «master key» that allows you to access Full any configuration Windows in a simple and fast way.

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With this god mode, you can set from something simpler, like office advanced programs configurations within the computer. Something interesting this way is that you can access at least 200 shortcuts for different Windows capabilities that go beyond the limits of imagination.

As there are so many configurations that meet the god mode, you are easier to find a particular, they are separated into categories. Some of these categories are:

Taskbar and navigation, color management, center accessibility, user accounts, file history, the mouse. Also energy options and internet, programs and features, security and maintenance, sound, keyboard, among other categories.

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How to activate God Mode in Windows 10

To activate God Mode, extensions are not necessary, programs or something like that, rather, only a few minutes of your time are required.

The first thing to do is connection as an administrator in Windows if you have already connected, skip this step. The second thing you’ll do is go to the office, and you do right click & gt; & Gt;. New folder

Now that we have our new record, we changed the name of God in GodMode mode, the Jedi mode (as you want), followed by the characters {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} . leading to the practice, your file must be named as follows: God Mode {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

These characters must not change for active mode correctly. After changing the folder name, this icon has changed color, becoming a blue box with the name that you placed.

So there you go, you have your fashion god active, but now what? So you double click the file to open it. Then, finally, you have access to an infinite number of Settings on Windows 10, but there is a danger.

Warning: dangers God Mode in Windows 10

There is a danger in this way of God and not just because of the activation of this mode. And the danger comes from the way you use this mode, because although this mode allows you to simple aspects of access and configuration, also signed on sensitive issues.

driving properly these programs and files can – being affect the proper functioning of your computer and even ruin forever.

The best advice to avoid this is to not touch the files and folders so that you do not know what you do. Playing expert could be in the tragedy, stress and money you’ll spend on the purchase of another computer or repairs that you already have.

With all this, we do not want to scare you to use the method of God, since he himself is something legitimate and safe, you simply warn to be careful. Do not configure If you’re not sure what you do, it will avoid many problems and can enjoy the easiest options god mode.

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Have you noticed how easy it was to activate the God Mode? When you turn this on your PC with Windows 10, you’ll see how everything is easier. With God mode, you have complete control of Windows and you can go to – beyond the basic configuration of the . God Mode , you will feel like a real powerful, at least with your computer.

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