How To Repair The Windows 10 System With The Dism And Sfc Commands?

 fix Windows with DISM and SFC

When Windows system files are corrupted or have 10 failures negatively affect the operation of the computer. In these circumstances, it is advisable to use tools such as repair DISM or SFC. Want to know How to fix Windows system 10 with the DISM and SFC controls? , then this article is for you.

How to fix Windows system 10 with DISM commands and SFC?

DISM commands and CFS are two tools that can save your Windows operating system 10. Those – can be executed from the command window or Recovery Console before starting the system to be mechanical problems. Likewise, can check the hard disk for errors with CHKDSK.

Then explain what those commands DISM and SFC and two procedures to repair the Windows 10.

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What you are the DISM?

DISM means images of deployment and management. This is a tool developed by Microsoft for managing and maintaining images from Windows.

DISM is focused on a command line that refers to the execution DISM.exe Service   claim damages in images and perform repair from a repository that contains the operating system.

What is the DISM command?

The DISM command is used to capture images of Windows , add or delete images in a .wim file or split them into smaller files.

What is the SFC control?

SFC means System File Checker . This is a tool created by Microsoft for Windows examine the files in order to detect errors and/or changes. This command performs an analysis of all files. If writing did replace recovering the original version of “Dllchaché” file.

Some commands SFC

SFC has some special commands to perform actions on Windows. These include/Scannow,/Revert/PURGECACHE,/verifyonly and  /SCANFILE. To use them, you must open the Windows command CMD and function each of these special orders.

  • Command/Scannow: /Scannow used to scan all protected in the system and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions of files
  • .

  • Command/Revert: This is used to reverse the action analysis command all files during system startup
  • .

  • Command/PURGECACHE: PURGECACHE immediately flush the entire cache of Windows and is reviewing all protected system files
  • .

  • Command/verifyonly: /verifyonly is used to scan all protected files Windows, but does not repair files later
  • .

  • Command/SCANFILE: /SCANFILE used to analyze the integrity of a specific file and applies repairs
  • .

 repair Windows commands

Repair Windows 10 with the DISM command

The DISM command can help you use an image of Windows repair system 10. In addition, and CMD stop services . Therefore, you must go to the Windows commands icon magnifying glass on the taskbar, type cmd and press “Enter.” Press right click on the application and select the ” administrator permissions.”

This will open the command window, write DISM  /Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth and press the “Enter” key. This command line will check and then try to fix the system.

Make a control system status

If you want the command to perform an audit without applying corrections, you can write this line Dism.exe/Online/Cleanup-Image/CheckHealth to detect defects of the system. While DISM.exe/scans online/cleanup image/Scanhealth files for errors.

Repair Windows 10 with SFC control

You can also repair the Windows system 10 via SFC control. To do this, go to the command window as explained above. Then write this command line SFC/scannow looking to repair corrupt files.

If you want the control senses only, you must write errors SFC/verifyonly so that all system files are scanned without arrangements. Finally, you can choose to restore or recover Windows to return to a version previous when all the above options do not take a good effect.

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