How To View And Convert Vob Video Files In Windows 10

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.VOB files are found on DVDs and currently, the disc playback units are disappearing from computers. This makes it more difficult to play these VOB or DVD files on your computer and need to know how to view and convert VOB video files in Windows 10 .

How to view and convert video files in Windows 10 .VOB

Also, converting VOB video files can upload these videos to any digital platform and share quickly without any inconvenience. Here you’ll learn how to do it, so you recover all those videos in VOB format you could not visualize and you thought were lost.

How to watch VOB video files in Windows 10

.VOB video files are a type of files that are contained within the compact discs which are reproduced by a reader unit. These videos are encoded to make it more difficult to share content and avoid distributing it without the permission of the author.

In Windows 10 and in most operating systems can not be played directly into the media player such files. Because of this, you must have a video playback program that you can play and one of the most useful is the player VLC Media Player.

This player is compatible with Windows 10 and not only lets you play and join video files. VOB , but also all kinds of formats. Then you will know all the indications you will continue to use the VLC media player Media Player to view video files .VOB

  1. The first thing to do is download the media player VLC Media Player.
  2. Once downloaded, install it on your computer so you can start using it.
  3. After having installed the VLC Media Player, open it and give click to “Medium” tab at the top left corner.
  4. Next, a menu and select “ Open Folder ” will open in the next window that opens, you look for the “Video_TS” folder that is where the .VOB file is located.
  5. Finally, on the go VIDEO_TS folder to display multiple .VOB, you will choose the larger and choose Open.
  6.  convert video file

    In this simple way and can play on your PC with Windows 10 all .VOB video files you have.

    How to convert VOB video files in Windows 10

    Now if you want to convert VOB video files in another format in Windows 10 should use another program dedicated to this task. If you convert VOB video files in other formats such as MP4, I will achieve play on any media player.

    There are all kinds of applications to change the format video files .VOB, but one of the most used is aTube Catcher. Here are the steps you must follow if you want to convert VOB video files to Windows 10 easily and quickly.

    1. Initially aTube Catcher need to download the application, to download it from the official website, dale click the link .
    2. Once downloaded to your computer Search it in the download folder and install following the instructions in the application.
    3. Open aTube Catcher program and select the tab labeled “ Video Converter “.
    4. In the next window, you choose the button that says “Add” in the upper right corner.
    5. Then another window where you will select the VIDEO_TS folder, place yourself within it the .VOB file larger and give click on the “Open” button opens.
    6. Now, I’ll click the “ Output Profile ” button for you to choose that want to convert the file format .VOB video. Also, you choose which folder you want the new video file is saved.
    7. Finally, you only have to select the “Convert” button in the lower right corner, to begin converting the video.
    8. image converter and video files

      Following these steps, in a few minutes and you’ve convert video files .VOB to another format in Windows 10. Also you may be interested how to make a backup of the operating system Windows 10 free. If you manage how to view and convert VOB video files in Windows 10 to not let this tutorial follow.

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