How To Prevent Windows 10 Apps Automatically Set Default

The interaction we have with our computers is approaching again, thanks to them, we can run all sorts of programs to perform all tasks. Over the years computers have been getting better and more advanced features.

Also, the operating system that run our computers are refurbished and updated periodically. So we must learn programs and tools to update the software on your PC.

One of the operating systems used by most computer manufacturers, is the Windows operating system.

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first Microsoft Windows 2015, the most current version of your software is Windows 10. This system is characterized by its incredible functionality and an interface most advanced market.

Why Windows 10 applications automatically default rule?

 menu select Windows applications

One of the most representative features of this operating system is the wide range of applications preinstalled brings. These applications are characterized by very advanced and able to perform any task requested.

But if for some reason we want to change the applications that use regularly, Windows 10 makes it a very easy way. When you enter the « programs default « can configure any program that we want the default.

This helps us time to open a file or surf the Internet from a direct route to open automatically by the application we choose. Instead of opening the default application pre-installed Windows 10 offers to perform these tasks.

But this version of Windows introduced a problem with this configuration, the application automatically your default . This was a problem for us, because when that happens, we must rebuild the default settings and set our application.

Windows 10 automatically places its default application, if it detects that the application to perform the action presents a problem or an error. This is why Windows 10 automatically set your application to perform the task, but it is the default.

But we do not have to worry, there are a number of methods and measures to prevent this from happening. When we do, we will not have the need to reconfigure our application favorite by default.

In this article we will quickly and easily learn how to easily prevent Windows 10 default applications automatically set.

The steps to prevent Windows 10 applications by default automatically set

If your computer has the common problem of removing our Default Applications by the application that brings preinstalled. This article will be of great help, one of the ways we can correct this error in a program.

To download this program needs using our browser trust, and we went to open it. we put ourselves in the address bar located at the top of the screen and you access this link , which will lead us to Location to complete the process.

 site Carifred

In this way, we will access the official website of the program, which is called «Stop reset my applications» . This program prevents Windows 10 applications replace our default application which by default.

To download this great program we just click «Download Stop restore my apps» in the center of the page. This way, the program will automatically start the download.

Note that this program does not require installation, which makes it very convenient to handle. It is also a very light program to not take up much space in the memory of your computer.

Once completed the process of downloading the program, we go to the download folder and locate the program you just downloaded. We click on it and select «Run» .

The program will open, you can see all applications can disable not be set as the default, select only now that we do not want.

Finally, we hope this article has been helpful ole. However, we like to know your opinion Do you know another method to prevent Windows 10 applications by default automatically together? Leave your answer in the comments.

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