How I Can Have And Use Two Antivirus On My Pc With Windows 10

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One of the many questions that many users who have little experience with computers have is How can I have and use two antivirus on my PC with Windows 10? You might think that the more the merrier is not it ? The issue is that Windows does not always apply in this way. Since the operating system Windows 10 and Windows Defender features.

How I have and use two antivirus on my PC with Windows 10

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Having two antivirus installed on your computer is much worse than having one, it’s a very bad idea. Not only will generate a sense of security that should not have, but above will make your system more vulnerable.

What is the reason for that is a bad idea? Let’s explain it so fairly simple and you will give the three main reasons, which does not mean they are the only ones. But these three do not think enough to have two antivirus in a single PC.

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Can I have two antivirus at once?

block each other . Bear in mind that antivirus is responsible for almost continually monitor our computer. What it will do is send an antivirus and monitor information and ends up becoming a malicious antivirus software for the other and vice versa.

Conflicts, notifications, etc. . The issue is that the antivirus malware sent to quarantine or permanently deleted. But if the other antivirus is the same file you will want to do the same. It will begin sending notifications and reports and short’ll end up getting too many messages and files that were deleted.

Resources . Needless to say that an antivirus consumes resources can you imagine both? Obviously you consume too many resources of your computer and start running too slow. The system will be significantly affected since you turn it up to open Word.

Fight for analysis files . At the same time you must keep in mind that when a file is being used by another program generally can not modify nor delete it. This also happens with antivirus. If one is analyzing, the other can not. This can result in false positives or skip malicious files.

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How to install two antivirus on my PC with Windows

So in a nutshell have two antivirus on a computer is one of the worst ideas that you can apply. Ideally, try to find recommendations to find the virus that best suits you. One of the best options for antivirus you can find is that of AVG, you can download for operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10.

All this based on the price of the same, the resources it consumes, which offers the same and above all taking into account the hardware with which you own and also how you use your computer.

But at the end of the antivirus really have no matter what day as none of them is 100% effective . To have a computer safe and clean malicious file is essential to also use my head a little.

With this we mean not download files from suspicious sites, try to acquire software legally to avoid possible infections, etc. In short we must be smart and help protect our antivirus computer to the maximum.

Any questions about How can I have and use two antivirus on my PC with Windows 10? We hope that the same was resolved and nothing in the install world’s two antivirus on the same computer as going to get worse results than if you only install one.

Once you have finished installing the antivirus or we recommend that periodically check whether your antivirus is up and running .

Remember that if you still have questions or doubts about it can leave the further down in the comment box where we will be happy to help. We recommend also keep browsing Miracomosehace as we publish tutorials, guides and Tricks for Windows 10 daily.

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