How To Block Or Restrict Access To A User In Windows 10 Easily

 Block access to user

Windows consists of a group of operating systems or systems that are responsible for the development of a multifunctional platform for different tasks on the computer and other electronics today.

Currently, the Windows user annual subscription with is greater than 63% worldwide, reflecting the influence of the service in major IT companies. This may be because the company Microsoft improves constantly versions that are placed on the market.

Windows 10 is the latest version developed by Microsoft. The set of tools available on the flat – form includes options for customizing device in which we can quote aspects of safety and navigation .

How to block or restrict access to a Windows 10 user easily?

 User Display Windows.

Within the group of structures that have been developed from better services, has always been important safety aspects that can provide the platform. This is why Windows 10 allows the user to Settings in the configuration in this section.

A computer is a computer that meets various functions including store information or items you consider important. That’s why we need to ensure not only that someone has access to your device. There are security measures that you can use as a protective barrier.

Normally Windows lets you save more than one account on your computer , so that each has a user name and password.

The main account   will then be called ” administrator” and have access to all the team members, the secondary account “guest” will be called and it can be accessed certain areas.

The steps to block or restrict access to a user in Windows 10 easily

It is likely that for security reasons amerites block or restrict a user’s access to the computer. While the actions and activities that can be performed on the equipment are defined. If not know how to do this on your device can do the following:

It is a configuration tool in Windows 10 that was called ” assigned access , which is precisely what we will determine the application pool or items that have access to user.

  • First must enter the Settings and select from the list the ” accounts.”

 configuración Windows, the

  • Now click on the “family and others. “
  • We must now enter “other” and click ” assigned access game” .
  • Then we can choose from the list of applications or tools which will allow them access to the user guest.
  • After selecting the folders that you click “Choose an account” to assign a limit to the user.
  • From that moment every time the user to enter the password to enter the device will not have access to the Windows menu if the list of applications allowed.

If you access your computer that a child can use the settings to allow only one game application. For that important documents or files are protected.

Other aspects of security that can be configured in Windows 10

There are other safety issues that can activate if you want to protect the information on your computer to the maximum. As limit the use of your IP address in some applications, it can access the control panel.

You can also delete the history activity has been achieved in the device. Another section that can focus on is called Cortana , which is looking for the voice of the computer. Delimits this application access to certain areas of the computer, access the configuration again. We’ll teach you how to open applications using your voice with Cortana.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we would like your opinion Have you been able to block or restrict access to a user in Windows 10? Do you know another way to do this? Leave your answers in the comments to you.

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