How To Change Or Adjust The Screen Resolution In Windows 10

Nowadays, it would be almost impossible not to find a family that owns a personal computer. The fact is that their use has spread throughout the world and has become a fundamental necessity. Whether it is for work projects or for everyday use by students.

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How to Change or Adjust the DISPLAY RESOLUTION in Windows 10

But unfortunately we don’t know about some of its general settings. That’s why we’re going to show you how to change or adjust the screen resolution in Windows 10.

These configuration changes, it is very common to happen, especially when we have made some recent update in our team. Also if you have made an upgrade, such as installing a graphics card. Whatever the cause of these errors it is possible to reverse them and even better to give them our personal touch.

It is important to educate ourselves more and more on everything to do with our computer equipment. There is a belief that only a technician can repair it, but if it’s a configuration problem we can do it ourselves.

Such as, for example, the Windows 10 desktop disappearing or changing the mouse pointer.

How to change or adjust screen resolution in Windows 10

To begin with, we should explain that when some changes occur in our computer, it automatically starts looking for those drivers that allow it to work properly. The same thing happens when Windows is installed, it will look for those drivers that allow it to work with our monitor.

This allows that according to the monitor that we have, it makes the necessary adjustments so that the image that it gives us is the best. As long as you can find the drivers that allow that. Otherwise the image and icons can be very noticeably flawed and this is not at all pleasing to the eye.

If we change monitors on a recurring basis this auto-configuration process should do it automatically. If not, we can proceed as follows, we place the cursor on any area of the screen and right-click. Then a small box with options will appear and we must choose Screen Configuration.

If we deploy the options that this section has, we can select the resolution that best suits us but we can see that there is one that is recommended by the system. We select and then press the apply button, this way we can see which resolution is more suitable for our monitor.

When you click on the option, the Customise your screen window will appear, at the bottom of that window, you will find the Advanced screen settings option.

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Click on this option and it will take you to another window, there you will find several options but we are only interested in the Resolution section.

Customising your screen in Windows 10

Now if the method you used above didn’t give you the solution you were hoping for you can do the following. Go back to the screen and right-click, a box with options will appear and choose Screen settings. And you will see the window to customise your screen.

Here you will find a slider option that says Resize text, apps and other elements 100% (recommended). You can slide the button and stop at the point of your choice and you can see that the size of the letters and apps have changed considerably. You can select up to 125%.

Remember that if you change the recommended values you will increase the size of the letters and applications but you will lose definition and resolution. If this situation does not improve we must check that the drivers are installed on our computer, This can be done in the following way to change or adjust the screen resolution in Windows 10.

We position ourselves on system and right-click and select Properties. A window will open and on the left side you can see several options and we will choose Device Manager. It will take us to a new window where all the devices that the computer has are displayed.

In the list it will appear with a yellow triangle at the bottom, select it and click on install driver and it will do it automatically. If I don’t have the driver we can look for it online, download it and then install it and this way you will learn how to change or adjust the screen resolution in Windows 10.

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