How To Change The Background Color Of A Folder In Windows 10 Easily?

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All reached the point of fall with folders on your computer, too many to differentiate or take the time to remove that or not. The organization is crucial is the computer, as it keeps a better workflow. If you learn to read’ll change the background color of a folder Windows 10 easily.

The customization of the desktop is not something new, change the screen background or the color of the taskbar and start menu . Any other little thing that crosses along the way and we can adapt to our personal style.

And this personalization of power is one of the benefits of versions of Microsoft Windows , has been almost since its inception. Although the ability to change color to records does not come with the factory operating system, there are several plugins that can be easily installed. With this, we will change the background of a folder Windows 10 . <

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Applications to change the background of a folder in Windows 10 Learn to use each!

What better customize our workspace to arrange the color of folders according to the urgency of the work or documents separate photos and videos.

In short, the options are many, simply to have a creative . With these apps you can download, you can easily change the background of a folder in Windows 10 and give an update on your computer.

Painter Folder

This is a free downloadable application that in addition to changing the color can also set different icons on the computer. Once downloaded, run the program by clicking on it to start with the “ color of the Add “.

 color folder background blue

A window where you can select the key you want to access the color change option and can rename it appears. Once past these steps, the configuration is ready and right click on a folder, you can see the options color change .


It is quite similar to the artist folder, but this software can choose from a wide range of colors and has a color palette to customize. Installer is also very simple, just download and unzip the program.

Next to accept the terms and conditions is the same as before, right click on the file to see the default colors. Now if you want to go to the color palette, click “ Color ” in the display. You can also return to the original color with the “ Restore original colors ” or “ Restore original color option” in Spanish.


As for Painter folder lets you change the icons and, although it has a few more options that Colorizer mentioned continues to own more. However, with Folderico can change the language and make other minor adjustments.

Once downloaded and unpacked, you must open the file by double clicking it. Its interface is quite easy to handle and understand , select the folder can see the different colors to choose from. With Folderico, you can choose colors in shades or even stronger and have transparent folders, and apply the changes.

interface files Windows 10

There is another recent application called Folder Maker , like painter file, but with a little more color options. Its functionality is the same as the same as the installation process.

Now, with this range of choices you will realize that there is nothing of the other world to change a folder in Windows background 10. However, these options are now < strong> should choose the one that suits you most .

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