How To Change The Color Of The Taskbar And Start Menu In Windows 10?

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Have you wanted to change the color of taskbar and Start menu of Windows 10? Surely if, as these are by far some of the elements of the system that use . And it is precisely this constant use, and the desire of users to apply changes that Microsoft has made allow you customize it easily and quickly.

The taskbar is much needed in the Windows desktop, because thanks to it you can power all programs you have open and it is where you can find many tools of the operating system. A great advantage is that it can also web pages anchor in order to have quick access to them.

Can I change the color bar only tasks?

You must know that for Windows 10 , as the operating system, the taskbar, the Start menu and known Activity Center are one element when it comes to customizing or changing color.

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So, to trying to change the color of taskbar, through regular trims, the modification will be applied together in these three areas. , although this does not generate any inconvenience or discomfort, it’s good to know it before moving on to the next step.

Steps to customize the color of the Start menu and the taskbar

The first step to change the taskbar color of the Activity Center and the Start menu is accessed customization options of the system.

You can do this from the application of «Settings» located in the «Start» and then «Personalization»; or through the drive of the right mouse button on the «Desktop» of the team, followed by «Personalization».

 choose color

Once inside this new window, you will see a menu on the left side with all available options. In this case you opt for the second section, called «Colors».

After you click on that item, the window will be updated and will show the different types of customization you can. If low vision, you can appreciate the color palette where you can choose the one you want to use and surfaces where you want.

To apply the color to the bar and other elements must check the appropriate box. This will have a checkbox and say «Start, taskbar and activity center «. So, you’ll immediately see how changes are made, managing to change the color of your taskbar and Start menu easily.

In addition to customize also can add to your toolbar tasks of continuous use as tool zoom.

The registry editor

Even before you could read that there is no way to change only color taskbar , through the Registry Editor, you can make certain modifications. This is a proprietary tool that comes in Windows, with which you can check and modify precisely records the system.

The taskbar can not only change color, but even also have the possibility of putting transparent if you want.

To use it, you need to allow the application to make changes, which can be significant on your system. So it is always recommended to use it consciously and only if you know what you do.

In this sense, and within the Editor, you must go to the path «HKEY» and then «Current» then on « USERSOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Current Version Person themes «.

pages colored laptop

Once inside this location, you will see on the right side an entry called «ColorPrevalence» where you must double-click to continue.

Consequently, will open a small window , where the value is located in « 0 «, being necessary to change it to « 2 » to make changes only color to the taskbar.

A having performed the procedure, modifying the color will be done automatically, immediately and without restarting the computer, or anything like that.

In addition, you may notice that so l or change the color of said bar . Without affecting in any way the Start menu or the Activity Center as the method you saw before.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Editor must use it at your own risk, being very careful not to change anything that is not necessary. Preferably, being sure of the steps are carried out.

The taskbar is not the only thing I can set to your liking, the operating system Windows 10 also allows you to customize the sound of notifications.

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