Switching Between A Public Network Connection To Private In Windows 10

When we use a computer, it is common to have it connected to the Internet, but you may want to change the public network to a private network. Well, in this article we will talk about how to change your network with a few simple steps, this does not in any way affect your computer system.

What types of networks are used and there in Windows 10?

When you choose a network to your PC, the system sets firewall parameters and safety depending on the type of network that is in the area where you are. Following this line of thought if you are connecting to a local network or public work or parameters must change. In Windows 10 there are only two types of networks to which we can access, private networks and public networks.

  • Private Networks in Windows

This type of network is recommended to use if we are at home or in our workplace when using Wi-Fi signal or are connected by Ethernet. This network no one can access or connect without authorization from the administrator of the Internet, Windows activates the default functions.

  • Public networks on Windows

This network configuration is very similar to what we find in public schools with Internet access via wireless networks. Windows 10 makes it invisible of this network configuration to our team by default, and that safety is priority over possible attempts to access it.

public network windows 10

What you have in your PC network with Windows 10?

If you want to change your computer’s network, you must first find out what you have active , briefly and simply show you how to find out.

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. To do this, go to the Finder Windows and type “control Panel.”
  3. This will open a window where it exits the application on top of the search.
  4. Once you access, it will see a window called ‘Adjust settings for the equipment. “
  5. Click the option “Network and Internet” once it enters selection “center Network and Sharing’.
  6. A central opening to observe basic information networks and network connections settings.
  7. Notice where it says “Network”, this will tell you whether it is private or public.

If the network has is public then you must follow the steps below will tell in the next section on how to change the public network to private.

How to change my public network to private network in Windows 10?

The operating system Windows 10 allows a network change very easily, if you want to change it to share files. If you want to share with other teams folders you want you must have necessarily a private network , so let it.

  1. Press logo “starting Windows” that is in the bottom left.
  2. Then click image gear, this will lead to” settings” of Windows.
  3. Among the options that appear on the screen, select the one that says “Network and Internet”.
  4. A new window opening on the left side you will find the different configurations, if you selected Ethernet cable is connected or wireless if wireless networking.
  5. Once you select the one you are using, push it by clicking.
  6. Then in the new window, a configuration called “Network” appears with a section called “Network Profile”.
  7. As noticed there two options, ‘public’ and ‘private’. You select which wants are, in this case, private and voilà, that’s all.
how conect to network windows public

As already noted, is totally easy to change the public network to private with these simple steps we’ve described in this article. If you want to change again just should follow the same procedure, but this time with a different objective that is private network public network: As a last suggestion we recommend maintain security of your wireless internet connection to take care of your privacy, and protect the network.

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We hope this article will help change the network of your computer with Windows 10 and has increased the knowledge you have. In addition, in tdftips.com for more information with reference to networks and Internet use in the Windows operating system.

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