How To Rename The Local Network From My Windows 10 Pc Easily?

 Rename LAN PC Windows 10

In general, any computer and Internet access sharing with some devices. Either wirelessly or via Ethernet cable, you can manage your local network. If you want to know How to rename the local network from my Windows 10 PC easily? We invite you to read this interesting article.

How to rename the local network from my PC easily Windows 10?

Some users have multiple network connections and you want to rename from Windows 10. However, this system does not have a configuration that facilitates this task, why it is necessary to follow a particular procedure.

Here’s how to change the name of the local network your PC Windows 10 easily and quickly.

What is a LAN?

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A LAN is a group of interconnected computers and devices to share a communication line Server .

What is a LAN?

A local network serves multiple devices to share information, resources, programs, files and components as the printer. In addition, a local network can be useful for two or more users after activation of the connection with Ethernet.

is the network of choice for share files and folders on the Windows 10 network, so it is essential to know the aspects of configuration and customization.

 Rotter with multiple antennas

How a working local network?

A local network connects to the Internet and protects against external attacks through a firewall. Subsequently, the addresses of servers that provide internal security to the network and connect with the outside. They communicate via workstations and using a hub or switch.

It is important to note that network clients are stations where operating systems work. The local network can also count on a network printer, and other components, and software required for the operation. In addition, you can add wireless devices and other items.

If you want to know more respect, we have a guide that told why they are and how the work of local networks, so you fully understand what kind of important network.

How to change the name of a local network in Windows 10

When you connect to the Internet via a cable, Windows creates a local network that can be configured from the Ethernet settings found in the System Configuration page.

In the «Network Connections» see the name of the adapter and the LAN. To change the name of the local network in Windows 10 must access the editor register and make the necessary change.

By cons, if you properly configure a wireless network , you can visit the previous link which we show the whole process. Continue with the guide to rename the local network.

Between the recordings Windows editor 10

First, you need to go to the Start menu and «Run» window type regedit &NBSP. Windows displays a new window with a sign on the right which specifies the content of each of the files that make up the operating system.

 network switch

Navigate the path network profile

Look for the «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE» , and «SOFTWARE». There you will find the directory «Microsoft» in which you can select «Windows NT» and «CurrentVersion.» Finally, go to the folder «Network List» and then «Profiles».

Identify your LAN

To identify the LAN that your computer, you must display the sign on the right and the name that accompanies the ProfileName. Make sure the appropriate name

Rename Windows 10 PC LAN

Once you have found the profile of your local network, you have to press right click on «ProfileName» found in the right pane. Then, select «Edit.»

Immediately you will see a window and a text box with the current name of the network that can change to your liking. Finally, press the button, click OK and close the Registry Editor, so that you have completed the process.

Once the network is fully configured and can be used for any type of action. Given this, it is desirable that transfer speed LAN with JPerf or other programs or tools, but it will be a professional.

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