How To Resize The Touch Screen Keyboard On Windows 10?

The most common is to have a keyboard connected to the PC, but there are occasions when it is not. In these cases, Windows allows a virtual keyboard that can be used with the mouse or a touch screen at a time. Sometimes this can occupy more space needed, so here how to change the size of the keyboard of the touch screen on Windows 10.

The easiest way to get into computer text is via external keyboards. For times when you do not reach this current or a connection problem, you can activate the Windows on-screen keyboard.

system versions of Windows operating to determine yours then install Windows 10 without using the serial or generic if keys.

The keyboard is used by a mouse click on the characters or a touch screen. The Windows virtual keyboard has a size preset that can reach disturb the view of the screen or too small by functions execute it.

Keyboard Windows touch screen 10

At the window on the computer screen, you can resize them with the options presented in the upper right corner. &NBSP, but this is not possible with the Windows virtual keyboard

By default, this tool comes with a very large size, which occupies most of the screen. What can be useful if you touch typing touch screen , but effectively prevents the vision of the great screen.

keyboard on the touch screen on Windows 10

Thanks to the level of customization of the latest update of the operating system, it is now possible change the size of the touchpad on the Windows screen 10.

Measures to open and activate the virtual keyboard on Windows 10

market and activate the virtual keyboard on the PC screen set up is a thing of preschool education.

The fastest and easiest way is through research Cortana in this one should start menu of Windows 10. To write “Screen Keyboard” and press “ Enter “. So you appear quickly select the application you must open the keypad.

However, as is likely if you need the on-screen keyboard is that the outside has problems, the previous option will not help. But do not worry, there is also a way to access from the list of applications.

For this you just need to go to the list of applications in the start menu of Windows 10 and find the “ Accessibility ” among keyboard options see the drop-down menu ” ” screen . Click there and ready.

Another way to access the virtual keyboard is Windows 10 to Window race. By clicking the right mouse anywhere on the main screen and running the command “ OSK ” meaning “keyboard on the screen.” Once done this will open the keyboard screen.

Change keyboard size of the touch screen in Windows 10

So we’ll see when we open on the main screen of a window with a gray color keyboard. This You can move it to the place of the screen that suits you best: and facilitate their use.

 resize the keyboard Thought Tactics

Under the screen you use, the keyboard will be more or less. To change all you need to do is press one corner of the keyboard on the screen and drag to adjust its size.

The best thing Resize Windows keyboard screen 10 to a smaller if it should be written using the mouse. Writing for the best touch screen is to change its size to a larger and more comfortable to use.

You see that the keyboard of Windows resizing touchscreen 10. Similarly, if you are not comfortable with this tool, you always the ability to download other keyboards virtual and set your computer not to use that comes with the system.

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