How To View And Manage Contacts In The Windows 10 Application

Many of the tools and applications that has Windows 10 However, there is often go unnoticed because they generally are not the priorities of some users, many of these applications which are so useful, crazy prove you knowing that you have lived so long without them. Here’s where need to install on your PC immediately .

However, these applications is generally preinstalled may uninstall at any time , but n is not the case, as in this comment you want to publish on the “Contacts” with which you display more easily Google contacts Windows 10.

This tool helps you to easy and convenient viewing of contacts you have provided in your email manager, all through a simple list, dynamic and quite compact, which will help you at any time; If you want to know more about it, you just have to read after .

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How to add, modify and even delete contacts in the Contacts application on Windows 10

This is one more useful functionality that you can find this tool because it can perform several steps in one place. If you want to add a new contact in the application, just follow these steps:

  1. Start by entering the “ Add account”. This option can be found once we have access to the system configuration, we present the option to choose the features that we want to manage, among which one can choose from an Outlook account, Exchange or Google.
  2. Once we have selected the account you want to be managed from this tool, the contacts are automatically loaded to the list of Device .

If this does not seem a safe method because of some problems with your contact or decide to default perform this process manually, you must specify in the application and can make contact an income by a.

If you’re looking in the right way with which you can edit and change, just enough with you to select the contact pressure on the pencil , so that all data are displayed in the contact so you can make necessary changes.

Once the process Edit and find – you satisfied with this, simply press to save and everything was ready to attach properly.

To delete a contact, you simply select the menu button, which appears next to the edit from the options and you will see at the bottom of the list option suppression said contact. Finally, you only have to confirm the action and all   be ready.

 contacts window

The choice of the contacts so that they are visible or hidden

One of the default options, which owns “Contacts” Windows 10 is the view of all contacts that are automatically in our list.

However, there is a special option that allows you to specify the contacts you want displayed in the application are and prefer that are hidden.

To do this, it is necessary that we go on the gear icon and click in the” contacts list Filters “.

When this is done, see a window where you can hide contacts, especially those who only have no contact numbers, showing that those occur if we can call or send Messages .

In addition, within this framework, we can find three boxes that are used to check or uncheck default contacts who want to show you or not in this tool.

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