How To Fix Blue Screen Error Uncorrectable Whea Windows 10

 windows blue screen error solution

system Windows operating 10 offers different ways to alert in case there is an operation problem. But one of the most feared by users known screen capture, screen death or   blue screen.

But come with a message that the anomaly occurs. It is why in the next article, we’ll show you How to fix blue screen error WHEA incorrigible in Windows 10.

How to fix the blue screen error WHEA Uncorrectable Windows 10

But it is not only the appearance of the blue screen, it can also produce the forced shutdown or restart. Fortunately for everyone, it is possible to correct these system failures and restore the proper functioning of the same.

In the following lines, we tell you what you need to do to  . Correct the error blue screen error WHEA incorrigible in Windows 10

This error specifically disclosed there is a problem or a hardware failure and must be downloaded   updates to Windows Update last Windows 10 .   Other problems also cause the blue screen, but you indicate another message error that we saw in previous articles.

How to fix blue screen error WHEA incorrigible in Windows 10

But even if unloaded   updates, it is possible that this problem is not resolved in the set. It is for this reason, we will tell you what to do,   including updating and therefore have several solutions to this problem. So we’ll show you How to fix blue screen error WHEA incorrigible in Windows 10.

 fix the blue screen error

The first method is of course download the updates for that, we go to the System Settings window. Then, choose the update and the security option, we are in this window and select the update Windows . And we must finally choose the option Automatic Updates.

The other method we can use to fix this blue screen , where the update did not. It is to run a disk check, we’ll make   ; &NBSP symbol system. This is always advisable going to make changes in the configuration of drivers or components.

To do this, we will open the system symbol, but we need to do as an administrator. Write chkdsk and press Enter, it will probe the file system for errors. If you find any, try to resolve these errors.

Another solution to fix the blue screen error WHEA incorrigible error in Windows 10

It is also recommended that physical verification of the ventilation system, it is a problem with the hardware. Since a malfunction of them, it can cause overheating different components of our PC. Thus, it is impossible for the computer working properly.

It is possible to obtain higher returns on our PC, we conducted a Overclocking, in these cases, it is recommended to reset the BIOS.   This is to put everything back to their previous values. To do this, we must turn off the computer, reboot and enter the BIOS menu and here we will look for Overclocking Option .

Once you have found this option should restore all your options, we must save the changes and last on. If this method does not resolve the problem, go to the next possible solution to the problem.

As we have seen is a problem with the materials recommended to check the updated driver. But it is also possible that an update is causing setting of a conflict in the system. Then you need to consider updates to the history Windows drivers 10.

 blue screen solution

To check possible mistakes and what he did recently, to return to a previous version, check if the problem is resolved. Once all the checks and adjustments of the system had to correct the problem. If this persists, you can check the RAM and the last option is to restore Windows 10.

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