How To Create A Wifi Hotspot In Windows 10 To Share Internet

Today almost any device allows us to create an access point Wi-Fi internet sharing. But what is possible with Windows? In this article you will find the answer.

How to Create a Point WiFi access in Windows 10 to share Internet

Although the most common is connect devices to a router or an access point Wi-Fi, sometimes this does not have the power necessary for that coverage can cover all the places in the house or site that is connected.

In these cases it is advisable to use a repeater or access point where there is poor coverage. However, if you have a cable connected computer, it is possible to create a access point Wi-Fi with which you can share internet from the same computer.

There are several ways to do this. The easiest is to do it directly from the Wi-Fi network. This is done down the connection icon and then pressing the Zone setting mobile cover.

And if you want to configure, right-click can press to go to Settings. There you can choose the network name and password. In addition you can choose whether you will connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

From there, and will be available the option to Other devices to connect directly from your computer. Quick and easy.

How to create an access point from a Wi-Fi card and a network card?

The first thing you have is a Windows computer 10 connected to the Internet via the Ethernet cable. In addition, you also need a Wi-Fi card to create the access point. Then must download and install the network driver WIFI.

To be able to share the connection to the computer via Wi-Fi, create a bridge between the Internet, Ethernet and two cards.

This is accomplished by entering Open Network and Internet settings , for that you must press the right click on the connection icon. Then, choose the Ethernet option. Then to change adapter settings.

Once there, you must press the Ethernet card option and Wi-Fi called Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 2, or 3. Press the right button on them and select the option to bridge connections.

Windows will begin the process of configuring and appear a new connection called Ethernet 3. Then only will create and configure the point ad-hoc access.

What is the point of ad-hoc access and how to create it?

ad hoc access

Ad-hoc network allows devices on a network to share information with each other and also have internet access. When you have this type of network, the center point and computers communicate directly with each other is eliminated.

With this in mind, to create an ad-hoc point of access, you need to use the MS-DOS window. Before, you need to know the interfaces of Wi-Fi connected to your computer. Therefore, you must enter the CMD window.

CMD window or symbol system allows you to execute code it is a command line and get much use essential computer settings. To run you just have to press the Windows key + R, type cmd and press enter.

When it is executed, write netsh wlan show drivers and see the different cards available on the computer. Supported Network hosted option should be set to yes so it can be executed.

Then in the same window MS-DOS (CMD) netsh wlan in September hostednetwork write mode = allow ssid = (Network Name) key = (Password). After this, and your network will be configured.

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Only it will enable. We do this by typing netsh wlan start hostednetwork and go. We can begin to use our access point. And if you want to stop working sometime, you just have to write netsh wlan stop hostednetwork. If you have not yet activated permanently without programs can read this article.

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