How To Remove All Folders That Are Empty In Windows 10?

empty folder in the windows 10

At the end of time, after uninstalling and installing applications and moving files from one place to another, your computer is full of empty files that generate disorder and visual discomfort. Remove all empty folders in Windows 10, one by one is a very tedious task. For this reason, there are external programs that do this work for you.

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Programs to remove all empty folders in Windows 10 are not widely known, but they exist and are there to lend a hand in removing all the files and return the order to your PC. In addition, one of the biggest advantages of these is that it is to be a computer genius to use , because they are fairly easy to use. Continue reading to discover them.

Quick Finder empty folders

Unlike its predecessor, this folder has the clear distinction with the possibility of excluding routes depending on your needs. Moreover, when Delete all empty folders 10 may decide to send them to the recycle bin or delete them completely from your computer.

The first step in using Quick Finder file is downloaded and installed on your computer. sure to allow or block a program in Windows 10 firewall – fire to be the case according to so that the file is downloaded.

After that, the program will create a shortcut on the desktop. Click it. the program window will open. It Locate the folder icon in the upper left corner. Select and press “Browse for Folder”.


 delete empty folders

Then   search location on your hard drive and drag the top of the window of that same direction. Then click the “Now look” and wait for the program to do its job. You will see the folders are empty. Select those you want to delete and click “Delete marked records”.

Remove Empty Directories

This program is free, it does not weigh much and it works pretty fast. It is compatible with the Windows operating system and requires no installation on your computer. Need to use download the ZIP file on your computer, unzip and run the exe document. As an administrator. Initially the program in a new window appears on the screen.

Go to “Please choose a folder” searches “ Browse ” and click it. You see a new window with all the files on your computer. Then select the hard drive on empty folders you want to search, then press “Scan Folder”.

After this process, you’ll see in the middle of the screen a window where you show all the files you have scanned the program. Identified by symbols and colors, whose meaning is in the right.

At the bottom of the screen you will find all the empty files. Click “ Delete folder ‘ to delete all empty folders in Windows 10. And voila, no empty file on your computer.



 delete empty folders in Windows 10

The most striking feature of this program is that it integrates into the context menu of the system. This gives you the opportunity to empty subfolders directly delete in reference files. The first thing to do is download the ZIP file, unzip it and run it as an administrator on your computer.

You see a new window on the main screen of your PC. You have to select ” add to context menu of the file “. Then choose whether to receive an alert notification whenever you delete a file ” ask before you delete “. And to complete the setup, click “ Good “.

Now, to implement, locate the folder you want to browse, click it with the right-click and select “Remove empty subfolders” drop-down menu.

With these programs is very easy to delete all empty folders in Windows 10, only the singles of your choice and use it. The biggest advantage is that they are completely free.

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