Deleting Files With Administrator Permissions In Windows 10

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A computer is filled with all kinds of folder that can be customized by changing the icon that represents and save toto you want. Each file has a certain importance, either the user or the system as such.

In fact, everything is part of a delicate balance inside your computer, where many of the processes that occur so it life depends a lot on these files.

Basically, each line of thought is that you can have the “ brain ” our computer. Given this, it is good to think about the importance of these files to the proper functioning of everything. With the latter in mind, it is clear that we should not hold our nose where we have not called.

That is, we should not look for files too Windows due move or something suppression that we should not, we would be looking for a very big problem that will eventually get our last point of Restaurant for all Windows forget the other.

It ends up being a very sensitive issue, so if you do not have much knowledge about computers or computer, we recommend not to explore too many files are on your hard drive in system, because you are looking for an accident a little boring.

In fact, many of these records are so important, Windows will not let you delete these simple, especially when it comes . locked files, but if you really want to make a kind of Edit or delete a folder , there are ways to do it. Look then you must know about it.

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A little warning

Contrary to what you might say a picture on the Internet, or some friends jokingly, you should not delete some files from your hard drive. Many of these issues are extremely important, and delete end up operating the system incorrectly.

Everything will be “ Off “, so you’ll need Format your computer. In fact, many of these records are so important that can not be modified or deleted by anyone, even change if all permissions.

There is a user in every Windows system that can access certain files, and SYSTEM . This acts as Windows in the system, although this may change security permissions to perform certain activities on your PC .

However, we stress that do not follow this tutorial or make changes to certain folders if you do not know what you do with absolute certainty.

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Change Permissions

To access the folders and perform certain actions with them, you must change the global permissions. It is not too difficult. You will not find that any folder on your hard drive, and right-click it and enter the properties.

In the same properties window you will see a tab with the name Security between. Then comes the button “ Advanced Options “.

Here we see several options href = “”> but throughout this can change any type of license files. We see several permits in the window, and we want to talk about the part where the owners. Click “ Edit “.

All we have to do is remove the authority of the administrator or the creator of the file. What you need to do is put our name instead of SYSTEM or TrustedInstaller , which are the two most common high rank with permissions.

Then, in the Advanced Security window, we’re going to give us the absolute permissions. Simply click on “ Add ” and select our user permissions. This should allow us to control the vast majority of cases.

If you can not delete a specific note will be SYSTEM that will not leave you remove because it is an extremely important file or file system.

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