How To Delete A Partition On My Hard Drive In Windows 10 -Step By Step

Check hard disk partition in Windows 10

Today we will see how to delete a partition my hard drive in Windows 10 in this step by step tutorial where detail we’ll show two methods you can delete any partition that does not need any more in your operating system.

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How to delete a partition my Hard Drive in Windows 10 -step by step

Create a partition on the hard drive is something extremely useful. This is mostly just in case the operating system is corrupted or just want to format for some special reason. But you can also make a hard disk partition without reformatting your PC with some programs.

If you have some data on a partition of the disk and the OS on another partition, when formatting do not have to create so urgent a backup because important data can be saved in the new partition.

The only problem is that if the disk fails no matter where they are important information , all partitions will be inaccessible, depending on the failure of the disk.

Delete partition the hard drive

However, it is an excellent idea to have partitioned the hard drive . Even if I do not want to have it over this way, we will show you step by step tutorial for you to learn quickly how to delete a partition on my hard drive in Windows 10.

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How to delete a partition on my hard drive in Windows 10

  • The first thing we will do is press the “ Windows ” key to open the context menu.
  • Now we enter “ Run ” and press “ Enter “.
  • Then you will write “ diskmgmt.msc ” to thereby open the Disk Manager.
  • After this you will have to right click on the partition you want to delete, then this’ll have to choose “ Delete Volume “.
  • You should now press on “ Yes ” that the partition is removed. After that the space be classified as an unallocated space.

After deleting a partition probably have to resize partitions remaining, join, reduce, extend, etc. For this we will use a very useful tool called EaseUS Partition Master.

What is this app all about? It used to manage disks and has a lot of functions. With the app you can also delete partitions, but this remains only as we allow to resize, hide, display, create and merge partitions.

Remove hard drive partition Windows 10

And since we’re talking about this powerful tool, let’s look a little further down how to remove or delete a partition on my hard drive with Windows 10. Just with EaseUS Partition Master application this is too easy.

 Microsoft Windows 10 on PC

  • After download and activate EaseUS Partition Master from their official website, what we must do is start the program either from the icon on the desktop or start pressing the “ Windows ” on your keyboard.
  • key

  • Once you have it, you’ll have open app you right click on the partition which want to delete data and choose “ Clear data “.
  • A window appears and asks from us when we want to erase the data.
  • Now you will have to press the button that says “ Run 1 Operation ” that is in the upper right corner of the screen. Then having to press “ OK ” to delete the partition data in question.

However, if you do not want to delete a partition on your hard drive to keep that information, we recommend learning how to extend the volume of a partition of the hard drive . So you can get more space without deleting an entire partition.

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Hopefully this step by step guide to learn how to delete a partition my hard drive in Windows you have been very useful. Remember that if you still have any kind of doubt on this subject can leave it in the comment box to find a little more down and be happy to answer.

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