How To Download, Install And Update Java To The Latest Version In Windows 10

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Welcome! If you possess any of the versions of Windows 10 and you have Java installed, then surely you will have noticed that at some point you get a notice to update this program. In this regard, later we will show you a short guide for you to learn a download, install and update java to the latest version in Windows 10 .

What is Java?

If you do not know, Java is a programming language which was developed by Oracle with the aim of possessing a small amount of possible dependencies, for anyone to make use of the various applications the computer does not need to install other resources.

A the same as Flash, Java at the time was one of the resources most used for add multimedia content on the web portals , but of course this was long ago when Java was at its best. But really this app is not considered as a simple NPAPI plugin, as many other apps need it to function properly.

Is it necessary to install Java on your PC?

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Honestly, the answer is ‘no’, because this application is not currently used on the web for a few years. In fact, Java as a NPAPI plugin is disabled in most browsers today such as: Google Chrome and Firefox. For this reason, even if they have installed on your PC will not work in the browser.

In summary accounts, this app is not necessary because it does not affect the performance of your computer or anything like it. Also, if you have not installed then you save the fact update periodically. But if you have installed, you have a duty to update as we will show later.

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However, as additional information must know that only Java developers are required to download and install SDK to carry out their work properly, as this if they use programs that depend this app to run.

Steps to download and install the latest version of Java in Windows 10

Then in again this paragraph will show you all the steps you must follow to download and install the latest version of Java in Windows 10 on your computer quickly and easily. Just you need to follow the steps in order to not have any problems.

  • To start you have to open the web browser of your choice and enter the Oracle official website to download the latest version of Java.
  • At the end of the download you simply run the file and it will install automatically. In fact, Java has an installation wizard that will guide you throughout the process, which makes things much easier.

  • However you must be careful during the installation process and let not carry much by the wizard, since the Java team will find it impossible to install any additional software that has nothing to do with Java.

  • Specifically we refer to the Yahoo! search engine but do not worry, as you can select the option to prevent installed as your default browser.

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  • Then, to avoid & nbsp; Yahoo! installation you have to uncheck the box that says ‘Install Yahoo homepage and search engine’. From this point you can continue the process and install the latest version of Java with no problems.

When you install the Java program on the PC will automatically install an updater which will show a warning whenever there is a new update for this application in the barra tasks Windows 10 desktop .

This way you will not miss any updates since the notice jump from the taskbar in the Windows 10 desktop. In addition, we make things easier when you update Java without having to reinstall the program from the beginning as if it were the first time.

We’ve already done! If you have been useful this information, please remember to share it with all your contacts who possess Java and need to update it quickly and easily See you in the next post!

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