How To Enable And Configure The Login Automatically In Windows 10? -Very Easy

Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world, just as has one of the most important operating systems today, Windows 10. Understanding that many use this OS, we have prepared the following tutorial on How activate and set login automatically in Windows 10?

You can become annoying having to enter all the time our password to log on to your computer. In any case Windows presents tools with which we can change this setting by default the system.

In any case, understanding that the password is a very good method of security, can run the disable certain dangers, so you should consider certain safety tips log on to the Windows 10 . Without further ado, read the following information to configure automatic logon in Windows.

User accounts and passwords on Windows 10

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Undoubtedly Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems today, possibly being the best version of Windows that has existed to date. Fortunately the OS is very functional and quite stable, so it is one of the most recommended options to the least in the area of ​​the payments operating systems.

One of the most interesting aspects of Windows 10 is that it has new security options as it is called Windows Defender . In any case also it integrates old options privacy and security, in other words user accounts.

 Outlook Email

accounts User Windows 10 can be created as older operating systems, but we also have another mode in which you can create user accounts based on their accounts Outlook, Hotmail and he derivatives, where you can remove or change the image logon in Windows 10 and many more actions, ie the user customize to your liking.

However, regardless of the nature of your user account, the most common is that the required use an account to log in and provide the password. This can become annoying in case you are the only person using the computer.

Do not worry, you can configure Windows Hello to log on to Windows 10 with footprint and enable the logon automatically , a method that will teach you then.

How to enable and configure the login automatically in Windows 10?

Fortunately the process and automatically log on to Windows 10 is easy. There are many methods, but certainly the easiest is the following:

  1. The first thing you need to do is press the key combination Windows + R , to the use this key combination will display the «Run» application. With this app open system applications is possible in this case we will use to enter the login settings.
  2. What you write is the following «netplwiz» (without the quotation marks) and press the OK button.
  3. In our screen configuration options user accounts are displayed. It is precisely this that we must change to avoid having to put the password to start our computers. Locate your account, ie which will modify to automatically log on.
  4. The first option displayed, ie « Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer » appears active, you must deactivate it. After that click on the Apply option located below and to the right.
  5. The system will prompt you to enter the new password to the user, provide data and click on OK.
  6.  Set login automatically Windows 10

    Using the above method will realize that it is not necessary to use your password to login. On the contrary his team will start automatically every time you start the computer, which is especially useful for not wasting time.

    Still, the fact is that it is always recommended to have a security method, so you should consider log on to Windows 10 using a PIN as an alternative to conventional passwords, as it provides great security for users of Microsoft’s operating system.

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