How To Find And Use The Converter Coins Hidden In Windows 10

 using the secret functions of the Windows calculator

Microsoft has advanced through decades of development with the intention of offering innovation and quality service. Many of the native tools contain windows 10 reported marked improvement as well as the implementation of a currency converter that is often hidden.

How to find parts converter hidden in Windows 10?

Conversion innovative meeting currencies hidden in the famous Windows Calculator . The calculator is a native tool that has been present for many previous versions of Windows and now shows a remarkable evolution.

  • To access access converter calculator start menu by typing the word calculator .
  • Click click the menu button that has three horizontal stripes, and select the currency .

Now, the calculator is different, although the interface is simple and fairly intuitive displays. We can see that the two fields, the initial currency and the result is the final piece is.

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At first, the room is selected to be entered, then the end result of the following conversion. You can choose from a large group of currencies around the world as the value of the offers updated in real time.

 find the hidden Windows converter parts

In fact, just above the keyboard the date and time of the last update is displayed. It is a handy tool to do without the use of the Internet for currency conversion from a browser page.

If the values ​​are not updated converter is a link just below the date of the last update to set the latest value of the currency.

Other Calculator uses Windows 10

The calculator in Windows 10 has several options available to all users. Far from being the basic tool which at one point had become indispensable in the realization of many and educational, professional staff.

The basic modes are offered by the computer standard, scientific, programmer, and the calculation date . As regards the converter function can calculate the volume, length, weight and mass, temperature, power, area, speed, power, data, pressure, angle and time.

A new very interesting and useful feature of the calculator is p osibilidad to superimpose the application above the others. That is, the calculator is visible even when using another application that can calculate very comfortably, without having to switch from one application to another.

 calculator uses Windows 10

maximize the calculator

At the size calculator expansion in standard mode, scientific or programmer appear new features. Access recent history of operations made and memories that have the same purpose would calculator button M.

may also values ​​stored in the memory for use in future operations. with the calculator key ™ can delete all data stored in memory.

Fashion scientific calculator

A scientific calculator increase the options available for operations. You can do much more complex calculations such as trigonometry, functions and exhibitors .

Programmer Mode

The programming mode is ideal for binary calculations base 2 octal base 8 base 10 decimal and hexadecimal system 16. These calculations are performed in the fields of telecommunications areas and technology information, perform calculations such as IP addressing.

Date Calculation Method

It is a simple, because it has no keyboard and only need to choose between two dates for calculate how much time between one period and another . The calculation in years, months and days. It is very últil to know how long you need to perform a specific activity.

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