Hiding The Recovery Partition System My Pc Windows 10

In today’s article we will see Hiding the recovery partition system my PC Windows 10 so easily in a few steps.

In the recovery partition copy of the operating system installed on your computer with saved factory. This is to make it easier to recover it in case something happens. The problem is that you can not get into that partition.

 menu screen windows

In turn, when we enter “ Computer ” For example, we must see that partition, taking space, you want to know how you can hide? Not for nothing complicated. even if you decide to remove , nothing happens. But we are going step by step, first, let’s see how to hide without removing it all.

Hide Partition Recovery in Windows 10

  • The first thing we must do is to open the “ Disk Management ” This can be done by right clicking on the button “ Home ” and then enter all options we give right click on the above option.
  • opens a new window in which we will be able to enjoy all partitions and disks you currently have on your computer.
  • What we will do is find the partition you want to hide and give a right click.
  • Then you have to press the “ Change Drive letter and paths
  • In this new window, we have to choose the letter that we have assigned to it and we have to press “ Delete “. Then we’ll give “ OK “.
  • A message window will appear where warns us that if we remove the letter in question, it will be inaccessible. After confirming this said partition recovery visually disappears from Windows.
  • Also, do not worry because it does not affect Windows performance because this partition is still listed in this section and display every time you want.

Hiding the Windows recovery partition 10

Even if you want it to be visible again, you can do so by repeating the steps previously done. The only difference is that removing the letter below to the only unit that will have to is to give a fresh letter .

For this you need to press “ Add ” and give a new letter to the partition and ready. It will be visible as usual. No data will be lost at any time during the process. If you decide to add the partition to be visible, it will do so with previous data because at no time is deleted from your computer.

How to delete a partition recovery completely

You should know that not all of the desirable not only to guarantee the emission material. But also because if something goes wrong with the operating system you need to do a clean install, sometimes losing all personal files you have on your computer .

But if you want to enjoy the space occupied by this partition. What you need to do is to use an application like Easeus Partition Master with which you can expand the space allocated to one of scores with the freed space to remove the letter from the recovery partition.

 portable menu window

Once again, it is not recommended, because if something happened with the operating system, you have no recovery partition and the touch screen. However, if you have some kind of problem with this and want to use the space on that partition, will not suffer any kind of problem in the computer do.

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