How To Install And Connect A Miracast Easily In Windows 10?

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Technology Miracast works to replace HDMI cables to project content from one device to another screen. Install and connect a Miracast device in Windows 10, it should not be complicated. To learn more, read on.

If you do not have Windows 10, you must solve the dilemma, or PC format and install Windows 10 from scratch   or other alternative linked with href = “”>

To connect two compatible devices Miracast technology can be used, for example, to project your mobile screen TV or on your computer. Thus able to share with others the content you watch. Conferences is very useful, as well as social gatherings.

Unlike other similar technologies, Miracast is designed to be multi-platform. Not like your AirPlay contest no use iOS devices or GoogleCast Chromecast.

How does this technology?

Miracast works by sending information to the device to another via WiFi Direct. In doing so, ensures fast and stable connection to exchange data faster than Bluetooth.

However, this technology is not necessary that both computers are connected to the same network. If not that, using Miracast, a WiFi network that will link generated. A having a custom network, sends the data directly and wirelessly. Also using a home network, the information sharing is much faster.

In this way, you can send Full HD video with audio to the housing 5. 1. Also, do not worry because the content is protected by a WPA2-PSK encryption.


install and connect to Miracast

How do I know if my PC supports Miracast?

To install and connect a device Miracast Windows 10 must first determine if your computer supports this technology. must know the video card or graphics, use, features and type it.

The first thing to do is to press the “Windows ” along with the “ R “. This is to open the “ Run “. In the bar that appears there, type “ dxdiag ” and click “ Enter “.

This opens the window procedure “DirectX Diagnostic Tool” to gather all the data from your computer. When this option is selected loan “Save All ” and select the folder you want to save the file “DxDiag.txt”.

A Hallas When finished, open the document and go to the end. Here you will find information about Miracast. If your PC is compatible read “Miracast is available.” However, if your computer is not compatible with this technology will read “ Miracast not supported.”

Installing and connecting a Miracast device in Windows 10

Currently, manufacturers do not add the Miracast function on all devices. Instead, they use Google Cast technology. However, those that do not add, integrating along the function “Send screen”.

This function can locate shortcuts in Android. He is represented with a small box with WiFi symbol in the bottom right corner. Windows should open the Notification Center and you will see “Projecting and Connect.”


 Home and Windows desktop

If you want to project content on your TV and this is not compatible with Miracast do not worry, you do not need to buy another TV or abandon the idea of ​​exchanging data. All you need is to acquire a Miracast adapter to connect it to the TV.

How to install and connect a Miracast device in Windows 10

The first thing to do to install and connect a Miracast device in Windows 10, if the screen of your compatible TV, is to connect the adapter to an HDMI Miracast and select the specified channel.

Check if necessary free up space on your hard drive for procedure faster done.

Now go to your computer and open the system settings. There he sees the “Bluetooth and other devices” and select ” add a new device” . Your computer automatically searches for compatible screens within a certain range.

At the end of the search screens, a list of those available appear. Look for the name corresponding to your TV, or in this case, the Miracast adapter connected to the same . Now, what happens on your computer screen will be displayed on your TV.

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