Installing And Export A Digital Certificate On Windows 10

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If you want to save time for consultations and negotiations on the internet, we show you how to install and export a digital certificate Windows 10.

Some of our Internet activities often require that we identify to ensure that we are authorized to perform this activity.

is where digital certificates come in the work, consisting of documents containing information such as data and certificates that identify a person authorized to perform certain negotiations or consultations online .

Its benefits are varied, for example, for government identification websites, banks and others. As well as electronic document signing digital safely.

To install these certificates in Windows 10, the files are stored in a secure directory of the operating system and will be used by applications that request.

Before installing certificates

Installing a Certificate in Windows 10 is to store files containing information identifying a person in the digital operating system.

Before the installation must verify that the latest version of Windows is installed 10, to not have had a better upgrade.

When installing an appropriate certificate not to change user’s browser , to avoid any conflict and the process stops. Sometimes these systems are detected as suspicious activity by virus, it is best to temporarily disable.

Installing digital certificates in Windows 10

digital certificates in Windows 10

Usually digital certificates files extension .pfx or p12, although there are other alternatives. Locate the file and double-click it to start the installation wizard.

You can also start the process by writing certmgr.msc in the Start menu search bar. The first thing you need to do is to determine which users can use this certificate.

If many people have access to your computer, it is best that your user permits, but may allow as much as you want.

Then select the route where you want the hosts file. Then you must enter the password provided to you on the web authorized to download the file.

Select the export option you want. If you select the Enable strong private key protection option, get a notification whenever the certificate is used.

While the Options Report this key as exportable allow you to make as many copies of the certificate you want. Note that you can not change this setting later.

The Include all extended properties are to be selected to continue the installation process. Let the installation path that you choose the default operating system, so when a program requests it will have the right path.

Once installed, you will see a summary of the process, check that everything is correct and press Finish. Your certificate is installed and ready for use.

Export digital certificate on Windows 10

In general, the export of a digital certificate means for security backup of this information for use on another computer or install another operating system.

This process is done by the browser you use on your computer. While the processes are quite similar, they may differ in any of the steps.

To export your digital certificate in Google Chrome sees the way Settings & gt; Advanced Settings & gt; Privacy and security & gt; Manage certificates.

In the pop-up window select the certificate that you want and press the Export button to start the Export Wizard.

Select the private key options and the format you prefer. a file will be created with the necessary information; attributes the name and location in the end.

In Internet Explorer sees the way Tools & gt; Internet Options and select the contents of the option. Press the option and select the Personal Certificates tab. You must continue the process with the same wizard in Chrome.

If you use Mozilla Firefox Road & gt be options; Privacy & amp; Security & gt; Certificates & gt; See certificates. Select the certificate you want and press Return to top.

Assign name and location to save the backup, if the certificate has a private key, you must enter at the end.

export a digital certificate to a USB stick to import on another computer, this article is right for you.

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