How To Know That Number And Build Version I Have Installed Windows 10

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Within operating systems designed for PC can locate many versions, but in fact sometimes we need to know better what we have installed.

How to Know that number and build version I have installed Windows 10

Windows 10 version is a version that seeks to achieve perform their operation, easier management for users. It has functions that have been put back, others have been incorporated as very innovative.

Microsoft has created several versions of Windows of course there is always within those versions, sometimes we want to know that your computer has. It’s always good to know well your operating system, a good reason for this is when a problem occurs, it will be easier to fix.

In some cases acquire computer equipment now want to know how many versions of Windows 10 are and how best , Here we will explain you have to do to find out what version is installed on your PC.

In Windows 10 there are two ways of knowing this, you can also find the build number of your operating system. Build this number is the form of Microsoft to say what your last or the latest version.

 About Windows 10 and settings

How to know your version of Windows?

Method 1

The first option do you get it when you go to Windows configuration, there is information already in the system. Place yourself on this site, the part that says About .

You can also reach this point from the start menu oppress him, there is where you write about. It will open a unique window in which you have to press again.

In this window after unfold will see several items that is nothing but information from your OS , which is startup, shutdown, however, notifications, etc.

Within all this single item we will locate and identify three of them are editing, version, compilation of the operating system. Now we say it means to each of them. Identified in section Edition going to watch what type Windows you have installed on your computer, for example Windows 10 home.

To continue to learn more about your operating system is another item that is version on this site information are some numbers that indicate the type of Build or how new is the update that you have.

Every time Microsoft releases an update changes the version or build number. So manage to know whether you have the latest version or you’re in an older. Here you tell if your computer is 32 or 64 bits , in this same option you can see


Method 2

This is the most direct way to know what operating system you have and if version 32 or 64 bit, we explain you what it is. You are about to locate the Finder Windows , is at bottom left of the screen, then it’s there write the word winver. Then immediately enter oppress a window will appear.

This will show a title that says “About Windows” on top of you appears the type of Windows that is either 10 Pro to 10 home, may also be another you have your computer there will be displayed.

In the second line appears version after a few numbers that tell you the code Microsoft update indicating that you own


information window Windows 10

An easy and simple way

Other things that sometimes fail is bar Wi-Fi and sometimes when you run programs from unknown origins. For this reason we recommend test and execute programs without installing unsafe in the PC , these problems are easy to solve as you learned in this article on the number and version.

Here are two simple ways enough to know that version of Windows you, these steps will help a lot. The advantages of knowing these features or specifications of your PC, is that sometimes you have to how to solve the problems you may have on them.

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