How Do I Know My Username And Change The Username On Windows 10?

 administrator to change user name

The features and options that can be configured with Windows 10 are very spacious and some of them will allow you to create user accounts for each of the members of the family. The following article I’ll show you must do for know my username and change the username.

Believe it or not, when you created account and want to change and know my username is very easy to perform. But as long as we careful not to delete data that are associated with our account. We can make changes to our user account without the need to remove it.

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How To Know my Username and Change User Name on Windows 10

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So in this way using the same computer, you can access your account which can be set as you wish. This means changing the theme, colors, wallpaper, etc. which it gives the impression that each family member has a different computer equipment, but they are actually using the same machine.

It is important to know that this method will not work if you are change an account from Microsoft. You can only apply this solution when you want to change any account of a local user. If you read on, we’re going to show you should do and what simple steps to follow to successfully perform this task.

How do I know my username and change the username

The versatility of this operating system is actually very broad and make changes in it are also quite simple to do. Change user options such as change or recover passwords or install programs, you can perform virtually alone. But you will help a little so you know How to know my username and change the username.


There is a method, easy to perform to change the username and through the Control Panel of Windows 10. To do this we will lead the Windows icon, located In the bottom left. We clip right on it and this action does not generate a menu of options and will select Control Panel.

In this section, we will find several options to adjust the settings of your computer, here we find System and Security, Network and Internet. Hardware and Sound, programs, etc. and we will also find the User Accounts option, we clip on it and take us to another window and here again we will select User Accounts.

This action will not lead to another window and here we will choose the Rename option account, for that we clip this option. Time can proceed to change the user name that you like more or feel more comfortable. And then we clip on the Rename and so we have done very easily.

Another method to change the username on Windows 10

If you It has a computer that has installed the OS Windows 10 Pro , there is a way to change the very simple user. To do this we will lead Local Users and Groups, and search Windows will write the following lusrmgr.msc and press the Enter key.

Doing so, you enter another window where you are shown on the left of the Users folder. If you do clip in the Users folder, is displayed in the central panel all those registered users. Now, just select the user you want to rename and then you clip right and then choose the option Change the name.

 change username

As you can see, we have given two different ways that you can know your username and change the username. There are more, but these are the easiest to implement and will not cause problem when to perform them. Simply apply the steps that we explain here and always come out very well stopped.

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