How Do Visible Or Invisible My Windows 10 Pc On A Local Network?


Often the need to share resources and devices. For this, you must enable network visibility. However, this is not recommended when the network is secure. If you ever wondered   How my Windows PC 10 visible or invisible on a local network? , then this article is for you.

How my Windows PC 10 visible or invisible on a local network?

One of the most important characteristics of local networks is the ability to share resources between different devices and computers connected to the same network. In this regard, Windows provides the ability to toggle the visibility of the team based on the network type. Similarly, you can choose to rename your local network as the preferences of your PC.

Then, we explain everything you need to know about setting up the Windows local network 10 and the procedure to make visible or invisible depending on the PC connection established Ethernet or WiFi.

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How to make visible my Windows 10 PC on a LAN Ethernet

When a computer is first connected to a network, Windows handles 10 asking if the connection is part of a reliable network and if the user wishes that their PC is visible to share files and resources with other computers on the same network.

It is desirable identify the network and the security of the connection before proceeding to enable or disable the visibility of any PC. In networks at home or work, it is useful to make visible the PC but on a public network is better to hide the equipment to ensure their safety. Therefore, we recommend public private network change in Windows .

Access Windows settings   10

To access the Windows Control menu 10 should go to the Start menu and look for the gear icon next to “Settings”. This way you access the menu that contains nine sections. Click on “Internet and network.”

Locate the LAN

It is important to know what a network and how it works area local . Once you clarify this point, it is necessary to enter the “Network and Internet” section and search for “Ethernet” option found on the left side of the window. “Ethernet” allows you to view all connections active cables on your computer.

Then, you must select your local network connection. Press click on it so you can see your settings.

Configure your LAN

In the window of the local network settings, enable the “Make this device discoverable” so that other devices can detect your device. The operating system recommends this option if you own a home or work network.

 UTP Internet

How to make visible my Windows 10 PC on a wireless LAN via

If your LAN is connected via Wi-Fi , and must go to the Start menu, find “Settings” and open the “Internet and network.” We must choose “Wi-Fi” to view all network connections of this type.

Sets the wireless network

In the configuration window, click your WiFi network available and activates the “Make this device discoverable” .

Hide My Windows 10 PCs on a local network

To hide your PC with Windows 10, we recommend using TuneUp Utilities (AVG TuneUp) tool. In fact, it is one of the best alternative to CCleaner to clean the PC . If you do not have this application, you can download it from its official website and install it on your PC.

Use the TuneUp Utilities


Allows access and locate the program TuneUp TuneUp System Control module. In the “Communication” select “Network”. On the right side of the window, you will see a set of tabs for you to choose “Network”.

“Network” has two sections. From “Security”,   check the “Hide this PC network environment other PC connected”.

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