Disabling The Adapter Or Wireless Lan In Windows 10

 Local network and network adapter in Windows 10

Today it is essential to have an Internet connection, because its uses are almost limitless. However, it is sometimes necessary disconnect for a moment , either because you have to install a piece of or simple hardware maintenance. To do this, you must disable the network adapter. For that reason, this article will explain how to disable the adapter wireless network connection or LAN in Windows 10 .

How To Disable adapter Wireless or LAN on Windows 10

How to enter the menu network connections in Windows 10

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To make this process must first enter the network connections menu. There are several routes available to reach this destination . Then explain 3 of them.

Method 1:

 menu network adapters Windows

  1. Use the following keyboard shortcut: Windows + Q
  2. .

  3. Write « Control Panel » in the search bar. Then select the option that has the same name.
  4. In the window, select the «Network and Internet» box. Then « Network and Sharing «. And finally «Change adapter settings».
  5. Method 2:

    1. Go to « Home «.
    2. Select the «Settings» option.
    3. Click the box identified as «Network and Internet».
    4. Select the option «Change adapter settings».
    5. Method 3:

       Interface device manager of Windows 10

      This method is characterized by using a different traditional menu, called «Device Manager.» If the siguiete route does not work, you can try other methods to open the Device Manager in Windows 10 .

      1. Go to «Start».
      2. Write in the search bar «Device Manager» . Then select the option with the same name.
      3. Expand the tab identified as «Webmasters».
      4. Once inside this menu, disable the adapter wireless network will be very simple . Then we explain it.

        How to disable the adapter wireless network connection or LAN on Windows 10

        If you used the method 1 or 2, follow the steps listed below:

        1. Find the adapter you want to disable. The connection « Ethernet » is what is done through a cable from a modem to the computer. It is commonly called LAN (Local Area Network, Local Area Network). Then there is «Wi-Fi» which is the wireless connection. By the way, here you also explain what they are and how they work local area networks -LAN .
        2. Right Click on the chosen adapter.
        3. Select the «Disable.» Option Then you will see how the adapter turns gray indicating that it has been disabled. Needless to say While in this state, the adapter may not be used . Which means you can not connect to the Internet through that medium.
        4. To enable the adapter again, you just have to re-enter the network connections menu. Then right-click the adapter and select the «Activate» option. Once done, and you can connect to the Internet through that medium.

          If you used method 3 makes the following procedure:

          1. Right-click on the adapter to disable.
          2. Select the option « Disable device «. Be careful not to select the «Uninstall» option, as this will remove the driver from the Internet. If this will happen by accident, here we explain how you can update the drivers for your Windows PC to reconnect to the Internet.
          3. Confirm the action by clicking «Yes».
          4. To re-enable the adapter, enter back to the Device Manager. Right click on the adapter and then in the «Enable device» option.

            If you’ve completed the steps correctly, you’ll know disable adapter Wireless or LAN on Windows 10.

            As you could see, it’s a really simple to process. But no longer important because it is sometimes necessary to perform some administrative task, of software or improve the security of the router WiFi connection . from now on you will not need to search again a tutorial to respect, and therefore be able to perform the procedure on your own.

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