How To Disable The Animations Of The Tiles On The Start Menu In Windows 10?

 disable the animations of the tiles from the start menu

If every time you want to enter the start menu of Windows 10 takes a long time to open and it works very slowly, it may be because of events that are in it. To avoid this delay, you can disable the animations of the tiles in the Windows Start menu 10 as simple as make Windows 10 makes a distinction uppercase to lowercase.

The latest Windows update has made changes to the classic start menu of the operating system. It now has a number of animations that yes, you can see the more attractive and eye-catching , but on computers with less energy, generate delays that can get pretty boring.

Windows Start Menu 10

Since the beginning of Windows, the Start menu was mostly classical, sober enough since the introduction of the aesthetic functionality. However, this does not pose a major problem.

different versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system have been added many changes and options. the best gadgets and free desktop application for Windows 10.

With the version number 8 Windows this change everything did. has been one of the most hated by users, not by the new interface. With this update of the Microsoft operating system has removed all access to the boot menu, a change that did not admit they expected.

The developers, the realization of this error has made appropriate changes with the release of Windows 10, where they gathered the best versions 7 and 8. Interface A classic , but a little more aesthetic than above -.

 windows animations

One of the changes most important was the start menu. In this he added many more features and a new as aesthetics are a number of animations that make them more attractive applications presented here.

However, according to the power of your computer, it can create problems to load the Start menu , which significantly delays the short that time. Then turn off the tile animations in the Windows Start menu 10 can be very helpful.

Disable animations tiles from the Start menu of Windows 10 individually

There are two ways to disable the animations tiles on the Start menu of Windows 10. The first is do individually. To do this you simply enter the boot menu of Windows 10, when charging is complete, the button right mouse on the live tile you want to disable.

After a context menu where you have to click the “ more ” and then select the option appears “ Disable dynamic icon “. After doing this, the Live Tile will automatically stop moving into a static image.

You can do this as many times as necessary, but if you want to do everything at once, it is best to use the second method. Disable animation tiles in the Windows Start menu 10 at a time

 disable animations tiles

If you want to disable all animations in the time you have to do it from the Windows registry. For this change first thing to do is, in the “ Run ” window type the command “ regedit ” and press the “ Enter “. This will take you to the Windows 10 registry, where you must find the way:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoft WindowsCurrentVersionPushNotifications. You have to see if the value “ NoTileApplicationNotification ” exists. Otherwise, you must create. For this, you must click “ New ” and “ DWORD 32-bit.”

This new value is designate “ NoTileApplicationNotification “. Similarly, you must name one hexadecimal value. Finally disable the animations of the tiles from the start menu of Windows 10, you just have to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

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